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The Secretary`s Secret by Michelle Douglas

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167 pages, published in
Michelle Douglas

A book by Michelle Douglas

Michelle Douglas has always loved making up stories. She received her first refusal from publishing at the age of eight, and since then she continued to write actively. Her love of literature led her to the Faculty of English at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Michelle has worked in a wide variety of fields, from a waitress in a wedding palace (where all the employees admired fabulous wedding dresses) to working on the bank complaints line (where no one admired fabulous wedding dresses). All of this has become an endless source of ideas (and characters!) For her stories. Michelle found her happiness in 1998 when she moved to England with her husband Greg. They married in Westminster and ate canned food for almost a month to save money for their wedding night in Dorchester and their honeymoon in Paris. This romantic adventure made her think about what she could be able to bring to life similar stories in the pages of the book. And since then Michelle has not looked back. Her usual state is to look nowhere, pen in hand, followed by a furious jotting down of whatever comes into her head. She loves happy ends, heroines who keep a secret stash of chocolate, and heroes with a sense of humor.

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