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The Last Don by Mario Puzo

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Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, knows a thing or two about the Mafia and about the movie business; here he brings them together. In the prologue, a Mafia don oversees the double christening of two infant boys, Dante and Cross, into the Clericuzio family. Later, when Cross is tapped to take over as the "Hammer" of the Clericuzios, their prime hit man, he proves not cold-blooded enough for the role. Dante takes his place, and Cross moves from Las Vegas to Hollywood, which proves to be an even worse den of iniquity. When he falls for a movie star Athena Aquitaine, he exhibits the "fatal flaw" the old don always warned against: loving a beautiful woman. A taut novel of sex and money, of love and power.

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Mario Puzo

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Mario Puzo (eng.

Mario Gianluigi Puzo), (October 15, 1920, USA, New York - July 2, 1999, USA, New York) is a famous American writer. Biography Born October 15, 1920 in New York. During World War II, he served with the US Air Force in East Asia and Germany. He studied at the New York New School for Social Research and at Columbia University. For nearly twenty years he has worked in US government offices in New York and abroad. From 1963 he started working as a freelance journalist and became a professional writer. The first book by Mario Puzo - "Dark Arena" - was published in 1955, however, like the next work - "The Happy Wanderer" - received negative reviews from critics. The novel The Godfather, published in 1969, brought fame to the writer about the roots and laws of honor of the Italian mafia, corruption, violence and the noble gangster Don Corleone. In the 1970s, the novel became a bestseller, and in 1972, the film of the same name was directed by the film director Francis F.

Coppola based on the work of Mario Puzo. Died of heart failure on July 2, 1999 at his home in Bay Shore, Long Island. The novel Omerta by Mario Puzo was published in 2000 after the death of the author, the last novel, The Family, remained unfinished. [u] Bibliography: [/ u] * 1955 - "Dark arena" (or "Arena of darkness"); * 1965 - "The Happy Wanderer" (or "Happy Pilgrims"); * 1967 - "Six graves on the way to Munich" (published in Russia in 2010); * 1969 - "The Godfather"; * 1978 - "Let the fools die" (or "Fools die"); * 1984 - "The Sicilian"; * 1991 - "Fourth K" (or "Fourth Kennedy"); * 1996 - "The Last Don"; * 2000 - "Omerta"; * 2001 - "Family" (or "First Don") (published after Puzo`s death) [u] Screen adaptations: [/ u] * 1972 - "The Godfather"; * 1974 - "The Godfather 2"; * 1987 - "The Sicilian"; * 1988 - "The Happy Wanderer"; * 1990 - "The Godfather 3"; * 1997 - "The Last Don" Quotes ...

I`m ashamed to talk about it, but I wrote "The Godfather" solely from what I could find in other literature. I have never met a real honest gangster ...

More than three decades ago, The Godfather, the greatest novel by Mario Puzo, was first published. In 2004, Mark Weingartner wrote a sequel to this story - The Godfather Returns , describing the years not covered in Puzo`s bestseller and no less the famous film by Francis Ford Coppola.

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