AQA MCQ Microeconomics Book 1

AQA MCQ Microeconomics Book 1 by Econiomy

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Whilst each attempt has been made to offer suitable questions, in addition to solutions with factors for the questions posed, those questions, solutions and factors are supposed as an resource to the trainer who ought to hold complete obligation for checking specification necessities and the examination board evaluation material, and the very last transport of challenge depend to college students. In this context, APT is usually to be had to talk about any element of the questions, solutions and factors, have to the trainer want to talk about APT's interpretation.

pages, published in 2017

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These Multiple Choice Questions for AQA A-degree Economics are certainly considered one among numerous assets produced with the aid of using APT Initiatives Ltd to assist instructors and college students taking AQA AS and Alevel Economics examinations. Multiple Choice questions (interactive and printable tests) have additionally been produced for AS Section 1 and Section 2, and Practice (Mock) Exam Papers were produced for A-degree Paper 1 (on Section 4.1 of the A-degree Specification), Paper 2 (on Section 4.2 of the A-degree specification) and Paper 3 (at the whole specification). Further facts on every of those assets, in addition to different assets for Business and Economics qualifications, is to be had on APT's website.