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Big Book of Digital Marketing by SEO Books

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It is a Small Book with 130 odd pages. The fonts and graphics have been used wisely to attract readers. Catchy and informative pictures are provided wherever necessary.

130 pages, published in 2016
Digital Firefly Marketing

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Big Book of Digital Marketing PDF

Digital Firefly Marketing

Digital Firefly Marketing was founded to help organizations significantly increase and protect their online marketing presence by focusing on three key areas: Expertise: We are the authority to help your organization maximize its online marketing presence. Resources: We provide extensive capabilities utilizing the industry’s best software and practices that provide cost effective and required results. Speed: We create and implement solutions in a timely manner At the end of the day we are people powered, because as technology makes things possible, people make things happen.

What’s Inside

Search Engine Optimization. Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing. The Hows and Whys of Content Management

Website Redesign.The Art and Science of Website Design

Social Media Marketing. Harnessing the Power and making an impact

Pinterest. What it is, how it works and why you’re crazy to not use it