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Connie Willis (Constance Elaine Trimmer Willis, Connie Willis ) Born in Denver (Colorado) on December 31, 1945. When she was only 12 years old, her mother died in childbirth. After the death of the mother, numerous relatives began to appear in their house, whose hordes seemed to act out of the best intentions, but corny brought more discomfort than caring for the girl. Instead of spending energy on repelling their attacks, Connie found solace in books that showed reality, gave a way to reconciliation with the thought of the departure of loved ones from our mortal world, helped to form her own approach to such phenomena. True, Connie read a lot, not only about the events associated with death, but also about UFOs. She discovered the science fiction of Robert Heinlein – she liked his saga “I have a spacesuit – I will travel”, imbued with good humor. Crammed with childhood ambitions, she decided in the future to write a sequel to this book by Heinlein (the novel “Apart from the Dog” is the best illustration of the fulfillment of this desire). Willis was one of the best in English and teaching at Northern Colorado College and University, and upon graduation she became an elementary school teacher. True, after her marriage to physics teacher Courtney Willis and the birth of her daughter Cordelia, she decides to still become a professional writer. A young mother and a newly minted star in the sky of science fiction published her first short stories in the early 80s. And although in the future her style often changed from work to work, Willis is known as an author who writes in the genre of the comedy of morals, her works are often permeated with satire and humor, she often has a light sparkling style in which she undertakes to reveal the most serious and complex topics. but you may also find a horror story with deadly seriousness. One of her favorite topics is time travel. To date, having received 9 Hugo awards, 6 Nebula awards and a dozen Locus awards, she continues to live in the small town of Greeley, Colorado. However, first things first. Connie`s first SF publication is considered to be the story “Santa Titicaca” (1971), but she gained fame with the publication of a novella in the spirit of traditional realism “Fire Service” about a student historian who was part of the fire patrol of St. Paul`s Cathedral in London during the fascist raids of the Second World War (1983, double prize – “Hugo” and “Nebula”). Moreover, in the same 1983, she still received “Nebula” for “A Letter from Cleary” – a sentimental story about the hardships of the post-apocalyptic life of a simple family among the roaming gangs of thugs looting after nuclear explosions. Willis`s prose is remarkable in that she prefers to reveal the characters of her heroes through the plot and almost does not use descriptions for this purpose. Thanks to this interesting technique, her stories are always easily recognizable, and this despite the fact that among them there are no two alike. Willis deliberately tries his hand at a variety of writing styles: the traditional realism of the “Fire brigade” coexists with the fabulous motives of “The Father of the Bride”, and those – with the dashingly twisted comedic situations of “Blue Moon” [ 1984, Blued Moon, so similar to Heinlein`s Year of the Jackpot]. In the same 1984, she participates in a solid campaign in the creation of the sixth “Berserker” (together with P. Anderson, E. Bryant, S. Donaldson, L. Niven, F. Saberhagen and Roger Zelazny). And, although the novel “The Sidon in the Mirror” (1984), which tells about the fact that one should not succumb to bad influence, and the full of humor “Blue Moon”, and “Spice Pogrom”, and “Chance” (1987), so and remained nominees for the awards, in 1988 Connie`s new success follows – “Lincoln`s Dreams” – the story of unrequited female love brings her the J. Campbell Memorial Prize, and the story “The Last Winnebago” about disappearance all dogs after the pandemic on Earth – both Hugo and Nebula in 1989! Connie Willis – the foremost fighter of humanistic science fiction – successfully leads a correspondence duel with representatives of cyberpunk. In the first half of the 1990s, she won an unconditional victory. Judge for yourself – “At the Hotel Rialto” “Hugo” -1990 wins, a story about the vicissitudes of female physiology “Even with the Queen” (1992) – “Hugo”, “Nebula” and the Locus magazine prize, the novel “The Book of the Doomsday “About a difficult time travel in the 14th century in the midst of the plague epidemic (1993) – a repetition of a triple success among readers (” Hugo “and” Locus “) and fellow writers (” Nebula “),” Locus “prize for the novel “Close Encounter” (1993) and the collection “Impossible Things”, a year later the story “Death on the Nile” about a liner wreck with tourists continuing their tour under the supervision of Anubis (1994) again brings Connie the “Hugo” award, and the novel ” Remake “(1994) Locus Award! Hmm … dear reader, don`t rush to believe that Connie stopped there. We still have plenty of exclamation marks for this incomparable writer, no matter how much she is compared to P. Woodhouse! At the end of the 20th century, Connie harvests three Hugos for the story The Soul Chooses Its Own Society (1997, also the Locus Prize), the novel Without Talking about the Dog (1999, again with the Locus Prize ), and the story “Winds of Marble Arch” (2000). Readers of the magazine “Locus” also praised the excellent creations of Connie “Bellwether” (1996), “Newsletter” (1997). While listing the award-winning works, we forgot to mention three novels by Connie, co-authored with Cynthia Feliz, imbued with “Australian” motives. The first of these, “Water Witch” (1982) tells the story of the struggle on an arid planet for the power and influence of the father of a girl whom he passes off as a witch capable of causing a rainstorm. Light Raid (1989) describes a war between western and eastern North America, striking each other with high-power laser beams. And finally, “Promised Land” (1997) intrigues us with the adventures of a girl who came from the world of high technologies to a swampy province to receive an inheritance after the death of her mother, and who learned that she also inherits a husband by law after their betrothal in childhood. Married to a physicist, Connie Willis writes extensively about scientists at the forefront of science. We have already mentioned the “Fire Protection” and “The Book of Doomsday”. This topic includes “Unexplored Territory” (1994) about the study of alien planets, the novel “Bellwether” (1996, “Locus”) about the study of the theory of chaos and “natural” accidents, as well as the novel “Passage” (2001, “Locus” ) on the study of cases of clinical death and other transcendental phenomena around and near death. Connie Willis does not adhere to conventions, where all the bohemian sf gathers, has a “defiantly normal appearance.” In an interview with Mile High Futures magazine, she admitted to attending church and that some of her best ideas came from her adult Sunday school class. Moreover, she even started writing for women`s magazines, and not only is not ashamed of this, but even claims that this gives her some more useful skills. However, all this did not stop her from receiving her now ninth Hugo Award for the story “Inside Job” in 2006.  Science Fiction Laboratory Official Site Awards and prizes: Nebula Award, 1982 // Novellette -> Fire Watch (1982) Nebula Award, 1982 // Short Story -> Letter from Cleary / A Letter From the Clearys (1982) Hugo Award, 1983 // A Short Story (Novellette) -> Fire Watch / Fire Watch (1982) Asimov & # 039; s Readers & # 039; Awards, 1987 // Novella -> Spice Pogrom (1986) Nebula Award, 1988 // Novella -> The Last of the Winnebagos (1988) John W. Campbell Award, 1988 // Best SF Novel -> Lincoln`s Dreams (1987) Hugo Award, 1989 // The Last of the Winnebagos (1988) Nebula Award, 1989 // Novellette ) -> At the Rialto (1989) Asimov & # 039; s Readers & # 039; Awards, 1989 // Novella -> The Last of the Winnebagos (1988) Nebula Award, 1992 // Short Story -> Even the Queen (1992) Nebula Award, 1992 // Novel -> Doomsday Book (1992) Theodore Sturgeon Award, 1993 // Honorable Mention -> Even the Queen (1992) Hugo Award, 1993 // Short Story -> Even the Queen (1992) Locus Award, 1993 // Short Story -> Even the Queen (1992) Asimov`s Readers & # 039; Awards, 1993 // Short Story -> Even the Queen (1992) Hugo Award, 1993 // Novel -> Doomsday Book (1992) Locus Award, 1993 // SF Novel ) -> Doomsday Book (1992) Hugo Award, 1994 // Short Story -> Death on the Nile (1993) Locus Award, 1994 // Short Story -> Close Encounter (1993) Asimov & # 039; s Readers & # 039; Awards, 1994 // Novellette -> Hotel / Inn (1993) Locus Award, 1994 // Collection -> Impossible Things (1993) Locus Award, 1996 // Novella -> Remake ( 1994) Locus Award, 1997 // Novella -> Bellwether (1996) Hugo Award, 1997 // Short Story -> The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion (1996) Locus Award, 1998 // A short story (Novellette) -> Newsletter (1997) Locus Award, 1999 // Roman NF (SF Novel) -> To Say Nothing of the Dog; or, How We Found the Bishop`s Bird Stump at Last (1998) Hugo Award, 1999 // Roman (Novel) -> To Say Nothing of the Dog; or, How We Found the Bishop`s Bird Stump at Last (1998) Hugo Award, 2000 // Novella -> The Winds of Marble Arch (1999) Locus Award, 2002 // SF Novel -> Passage (2001) Hugo Award, 2006 // Story (Novella) -> Inside Job (2005) Hugo Award, 2008 // Story (Novella) -> All Seated on the Ground (2007) Locus Award, 2008 // Author Collection -> The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories: a Connie Willis Compendium (2007)


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