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Harlan Ellison USA, 05/27/1934 – 06/28/2018 American science fiction writer, one of the leaders of the New Wave movement. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 17, he began attending Ohio State University. A year and a half later, he was forced to leave the university because of a loud scandal with one of the professors, who said that Ellison had no talent. Robert Silverberg, who was his peer and at one time neighbor, described Ellison as “an insecure, fearless, extremely ambitious young man who sought to dominate any society.” (So, it is known about the collision of Ellison at a Hollywood disco with Frank Sinatra and his bodyguards). Ellison began writing before university and regularly published notes in the fan press. Moving to New York in 1955, he published his first science fiction story, Firefly (1956, Infinite Science Fiction). Two years before the army, he published more than 150 stories in various genres, ranging from science fiction to erotica and detective stories. In those same years, for several months he was a member of the Brooklyn youth group “Barons”. Impressions of that time formed the basis of the novel “Rings” (1958). Ellison is one of the few authors of this generation who ventures to describe the extremely eventful, complex, multifaceted life of the modern American city. About this – his non-fantastic books “Deadly Streets” (1958), “Youngsters” (1961), “Rokkabili” (1961) and a number of others. Ellison can be considered the forerunner of the cyberpunk movement that emerged three decades later. Returning from the army in 1959, Ellison published in 1960 two books in the SF genre (“The Man with Nine Lives” and “The Touch of Infinity”), rather standard in content, but starting with the third book (“Harlan Ellison`s Wonderland “, 1962) his style changes dramatically. The next decade is the most fruitful in the life of a writer. He does not look for the beaten track, and remains outside of any literary camps, and his undoubted talent brings him seven Hugo awards, three Nebula awards and a number of others. His collections “I have no mouth, but I must scream”, “From the land of fear”, “The monster calling for love in the center of the world”, “Dead bird: the Pantheon of modern gods”, the novel “Phoenix without ash”, written along with Edward Bryant. In addition, he released a unique anthology “Dangerous Visions” (1967) and its sequel “Other Dangerous Visions”, dedicated to the “new wave” in fiction. To this day, these books are considered the best anthologies of the “new wave”. 1994 saw the release of the novel I, Robot, written by Ellison in collaboration with Isaac Asimov. “He has eight and a half Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards, a record surpassed only by Connie Willis. But besides this – five awards named after Bram Stoker (for the best “horror”), two awards named after Edgar Alan Poe (for the best detective), a “silver pen” from the PEN Club (for the fight against censorship), four awards from the Writers Guild of America ( for the best scenario of the year) – no one has ever achieved anything like this, let alone a writer famous for his quarrelsomeness, exactingness and harshness. An established science fiction writer? Having written only seven novels in his life, two of which – in co-authorship Allison clearly prefers works of the “short” form, and says about his work: “The stories that I write are special (although they are” called “sci-fi, they are not true … it`s just that no one has yet come up with another name … although I always suggest calling them simply “the stories of Harlan Ellison.” Anyone else would be crucified for such a thing, but Ellison`s name has long been a kind of quality mark: the writer does not tolerate hack-work, bigotry and ignorance. In 1980, he sued TV showcases such as ABC and Paramount for plagiarism; in 1985, he did not hesitate to leave CBS-TV, where he worked as a consultant for the TV series “Twilight Zone” – in protest against the cancellation of filming of a series about racism; and even earlier – in 1973, while participating in the filming of the series “Lost in Space”, he went into open conflict with the management … Ruined by mediocre directors “Lost …” failed at the box office, but Allison then received an award for ” best script “and said at the banquet for its presentation:” If an asshole tries to copy you, smash him! “Harlan Ellison is now one of the most implacable fighters against online piracy, relentlessly and continuously suing Internet sites with relevant content. Allison is pretty familiar with the mores of the film industry. Based on his story, the famous “Terminator” was filmed, he consulted the creators of the super popular TV series “Babylon 5”, his collections of essays on TV “Glass Tit” and “Another Glass Tit” are now included in the compulsory training program for television specialists. His stories are often autobiographical, and he writes prefaces to stories better than anyone else (with all the wealth of choice) – they are brilliant, like many of his essays that tell us about a variety of things … But all his works are about people, therefore that in the end only people matter. Among his most famous works are the violent story A Boy and his Dog, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (based on this story with the participation of Ellison made a computer game that made a lot of noise in the game industry, but passed almost unnoticed in Russia), a hymn to the supporters of “civil disobedience” – “Repent, Harlequin,” said Tiktakshchik. “In Russia, Allison is known primarily for his brilliant three-volume Selected Stories, published by Polaris in 1997. Especially for this edition, the author wrote additional prefaces and an appeal to Russian readers.Unfortunately, this is where our acquaintance with Ellison`s work is practically exhausted (except for a few rather lousy pirated publications). very sorry.” http://www.lavkamirov.com/node/190 Official Site .

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