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Diana Wynne Jones August 19, 1934 – March 26, 2011 Place of birth: London Occupation: science fiction writer Genre: fantasy for children and adults Website: http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk Author`s Wikipedia page Biography of Diana Wynn Jones Diana Wynne Jones is a British fantasy writer for children and adults. Born in London on August 19, 1934. When World War II began, Diana was five years old. The parents left the capital for Wales, then to York, and finally, in 1943, settled in Essex, where Majori and Richard began working in an educational center. In 1953 she entered Oxford, St. Anne`s College, where she attended lectures by C. S. Lewis and John R. R. Tolkien. After completing her studies in 1956, she married John Barrow, a specialist in medieval literature, professor at the University of Bristol. They lived in London for a short time, then moved back to Oxford and finally moved to Bristol in 1976. They have three sons: Richard, Michael and Colin. Jones is the author of over forty books, translated into 17 languages. Has an impressive list of awards and nominations, including the prestigious Carnegie Medal Commended and the Mythopoepic Fantasy Award. Especially popular are the cycle “Worlds of Crestomancy” and the novel “Hole`s Wandering Castle”, filmed in 2004 by the famous Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki. The English version of the cartoon was released in 2005. Critics still compare such a sensational “Harry Potter” with the famous series “Worlds of Crestomancy”, which appeared a good two decades earlier than the books of J.K. Rowling. Jones` writings are also often compared to books by Robin McKinley and Neil Gaiman. She was friends with Gaiman, both were fans of each other`s works. The writer dedicated the novel Hexwood to Gaiman, drawing the idea of ​​the plot from one of the conversations with him. The Enchanted Life, the first in the Crestomancy series, won the 1977 Guardian Award for Best Book for Children. In 1999, she won two more important awards of influence in the fantasy world: the Mythopoeic Awards for Best Writing for Children in the United States and the Karl Edward Wagner Award in the United Kingdom. Based on her book “Howl`s Moving Castle” in 2004, Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki created a cartoon that was nominated for an Oscar as the best animation project of the year. And based on the novel Archer`s Goon, a television series was filmed in 1992. She died on March 26, 2011 after a long battle with lung cancer

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A Tale of Time City

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The Homeward Bounders

Drowned Ammet

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Archer`s Goon

Howl`s Moving Castle

Believing Is Seeing

Power of Three

Castle in the Air


Black Maria

Witch`s Business

The Ogre Downstairs

Fire and Hemlock

Howl’s Moving Castle

Tough Guide to Fantasyland, The

A Sudden Wild Magic

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A Sudden Wild Magic

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