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Jerome Jerome Klapka ( Jerome Jerome Klapka ) English writer, playwright. Jerome Klapka Jerome is not a pseudonym; the writer was actually called that. His father gave him an unusual middle name in honor of his friend Gyord Klapka, a Hungarian general who lived in exile in the town of Walsol, in Staffordshire. It was there that the future comedian was born on May 2, 1859. Jerome`s father was involved in building houses, mining coal, and selling ironmongery, but things were going very badly for him. When Jerome was in his second year, his father was completely ruined, and the whole family moved to London. They settled in the East End, an area of ​​workers and poor people. Despite financial difficulties, the boy was sent to a classical school. In 1871, his father died. Making ends meet has become much more difficult for the Jeromes. Two years later, a fourteen-year-old boy was forced to drop out of school, and a longtime family friend got him a clerk for a railroad company. In 1875, the mother passed away. Jerome Jr.with his sisters turned out to be full orphans, and now they could only rely on themselves. Whoever he did not have a chance to work in the following years – and a school teacher, and a solicitor`s assistant, and a reporter, and an actor. Performing on stage in various theater companies, young Jerome traveled almost the whole country in three years. He has seen a lot, and all this is imprinted in his unique memory. It was in those years that he met, and then became friends with the great original – George Wingrave. He was destined to become the prototype of George – perhaps the funniest character in the story “Three in the same boat.” Jerome traveled with him and another friend on a boat on the Thames more than once. Perhaps these walks inspired the writer to create the famous comic masterpiece. The impressions accumulated by Jerome over the years as an actor are reflected in his first book On Stage and Behind the Scenes, a collection of humorous stories about theatrical life. It was published in 1885 and is very well received by the readers. Inspired by his success, Jerome wrote The Idle Thoughts of a Bummer in 1886, a hilarious essay on all sorts of things. This book was a great success, in the words of Jerome himself, “snapped up like hot cakes.” Jerome Jerome decides to make writing his main profession. In 1888, he met a woman whom he loved so much that he decided to marry her, although until then he had not imagined himself in the role of a married man. A year later, he settled in Chelsea, a fashionable neighborhood in West London. In the new house, from the windows of his round office, there was a wonderful view of the River Thames and the distant hills outside the city. It was there that Jerome K. Jerome wrote his most famous work – “Three Men in the same boat, not counting the dog.” It is interesting to note that this book was not meant to be humorous at all. In 1892 Jerome and his friends began publishing the monthly illustrated magazine Lazy. Due to its amusement, The Bummer quickly became one of the most popular periodicals in England. The magazine published such famous authors as Robert Stevenson, Mark Twain, Bret Garth. Editing magazines took all of Jerome`s work and free time. For more than five years, he did not write practically anything, but only read and corrected tons of other people`s manuscripts. At the end of 1897, due to financial and other difficulties, he left the editorial office and became a writer again. In the same year his new collection “Sketches in purple, blue and green” was published. The stories are really written in the entire range of “color” shades – from very funny to almost tragic stories. Jerome loved to travel abroad and stayed in some countries for a long time. Most of all he lived in Germany, about which he later wrote a lot. Jerome has given public reading of his works three times in America. He was an inquisitive person and always willingly responded to invitations to visit places where he had not yet been. In February 1899, the writer visited Russia. Russia made a huge impression on the writer. Six years later, his book of essays, Idle Thoughts in 1905, was published, one of the chapters of which Jerome dedicated to Russia. In 1906, this chapter was published in Russian translation under the title “People of the Future”. In 1900, Jerome wrote a sequel to Three in One Boat, titling his new story Three on Four Wheels. Her characters are the same as in the first book, only now they travel not along the Thames, but across Germany, and not in a boat, but on bicycles. After that, Jerome created many more works – plays, novels, essays, books of memoirs. In 1914, the First World War began. Jerome, despite his 55 years old, volunteered for the front, in France, where he delivered the wounded from the battlefield in an ambulance. The last years of his life, the writer spent in Buckinghamshire on his farm, which had an unusual name – “Monks` Corner”. And in old age, he retained the taste for life that is characteristic of young people. Jerome died on June 14, 1927. Nowadays, as well as a hundred years ago, Jerome Klapka Jerome is not held in high esteem by critics. Open any encyclopedia and you will find a small indulgent article about a sentimental, middling humorist writer. But Jerome`s readers just loved and love. Apparently, because he wrote about the everyday life of ordinary people, but he knew how to find so much funny and light in it that everyone understood: the world is not good and not bad – the whole point is how you treat it.

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