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Philip Kindred Dick USA, 16.12.1928 – 2.3.1982 An outstanding American science fiction writer, whose work had a significant impact on the development of the entire English-speaking science fiction in the second half of the XX century. Born in Chicago. He completed a semester at the University of Berkeley (California), after which he dropped out and went to work in a record store. He was broadcasting on the radio. He made his debut in science fiction in 1952. The first publication was “There Wub Stretches Out” (1952; rus. 1992). He was married five times and spent most of his life in Southern California. Member of various public organizations, from the “Animal Welfare Institute” to “Science Fiction Writers of America”. Author of over 30 novels and 110 short stories. Six of his works have been filmed. One of the most influential American science fiction writers who prepared and led the American branch of the “new wave”. Award Winner: 1963 Hugo Award for The Man in the High Castle 1967 British Science Fiction Award for The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 1975 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1979 British Science Fiction Award for “A Scanner Darkly” © Bibliography Novels 1952-1953 – Voices from the Street published January 2007 1955 – Solar Lottery (World of Chance; World chance) 1956 – The Man Who Japed (The Man Who Japed) 1956 – The World Jones Made 1957 – Eye in the Sky (Eye in the sky) 1957 – The Cosmic Puppets (A Glass Of Darkness; Space Puppets) 1959 – Time Out of Joint (Time gone haywire) 1960 – Dr. Futurity (Come from obscurity) 1960 – Vulcan`s Hammer 1962 – The Man in the High Castle Hugo Prize & # 039; 63 1963 – The Game-Players of Titan 1964 – Clans of the Alphane Moon 1964 – Martian Time-Slip ) (Time shift; The Violated Time of Mars) 1964 – The Penultimate Truth 1964 – The Simulacra (Simulacron; Similarity; Something similar) 1965 – Doctor Death, or How We Lived After the Bomb (Dr Bloodmoney: or How We Got Along After the Bomb) (Dr. Bloodmaney; With Death in His Pocket) 1965 – The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (The Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch) 1966 – Now Wait for Last Year (Drug of Time) 1966 – The Crack in Space 1967 – Counter-Clock World 1967 – The Ganymede Takeover Co-author: Ray Nelson 1967 – The Zap Gun 1968 – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) 1969 – Galactic Pot-Healer 1969 – Ubik 1970 – Labyrinth death (A Maze of Death) 1970 – Our Friends from Frolix 8 (Friend of my enemy; Best friend of God) 1972 – We Can Build You (Doll named “Life”) 1974 – Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel `75 1975 – Confessions of a Crap Artist 1976 – Deus Irae Co-author: Roger Zelazny 1977 – A Scanner Darkly 1981 – Valis 1981 – The Divine Invasion 1982 – Timothy Archer`s Transmigration of Timothy Archer) 1984 – The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike 1985 – In Milton Lumky Territory 1 985 – Puttering About in a Small Land 1985 – Radio Free Albemuth 1986 – Humpty Dumpty in Oakland 1987 – Mary and the Giant 1988 – Nick and the Glimmung 1988 – The Broken Bubble 1988 – The Dark-Haired Girl 1994 – Gather Yourselves Together 2004 – Deception Incorporated (Lies, Inc.) Novels 1966 – The Unteleported Man later reworked into Deception Incorporated (Lies, Inc.) Storybooks 1955 – A Handful of Darkness Colony (1953) The Impostor ( 1953) Expendable (He Who Waits) (1953) Planet for Transients (The Itinerants) (1953) Prominent Author (1954) The Builder (1953) The Little Movement (1952) The Preserving Machine ) (Rescue Machine, Music Machine) (1953) The Impossible Planet (Legend) (1953) The Indefatigable Frog (1953) The Turning Wheel (1954) Progeny (1954) Upon the Dull Earth ) (Over the gloomy Earth; Earth is too boring) (1954) The Cookie Lady (1953) Exhibit Piece (1954) 1957 – The Variable Man The Variable Man (1953) Second Variety (1953) Minority Report (The Minority Report) (1956) Autofac (1955) A World of Talent (1954) 1969 – The Preserving Machine – The author`s collection of the best stories from the 60s The Preserving Machine (Machine- Savior, Music Machine (1953) War Game (1959) Upon the Dull Earth (Over the Dull Earth; The Earth is Too Boring) (1954) Roog (1953) War Veteran (War Veteran) (1955) Stand-By (Top Stand-by Job; Top Post) (1963) Beyond Lies the Wub (Wub extends out there; Wub`s taste) (1952) We We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (In the Depths of Memory; Selling Memories at Wholesale Prices; From the Depths of Memory; Recall Everything) (1966) Pr Captive Market (Market) (1955) If There Were No Benny Cemoli (1963) Retreat Syndrome (1965) The Crawlers (Foundling Home) (1954) ) What a joy it is to be Blobel! (Oh, To Be a Blobel!) What did the dead say? (What the Dead Men Say) (Man with a Broken Match) (1964) Pay for the Printer (Service Fee) (1956) 1973 – The Book of Philip K. Dick Nanny (1955) The Turning Wheel (1954) The Defenders (1953) Adjustment Team (1954) Psi-Man Heal My Child (Psi-Man, Outside Consultant) (1955) The Commuter (1953) Gift for Pat (A Present for Pat) (1954) Breakfast at Twilight (1954) Shell Game (Winners) (1954) 1980 – The Golden Man The Golden Man (The God Who Runs) (1954) Return Match ( 1967) The King of the Elves (Shadrach Jones and the Elves) (1953) The Mold of Yancy (1955) Not By Its Cover (1968) The Little Black Box ) (1964) The Unreconstructed M (1957) The War with the Fnools (1964) The Last of the Masters (Protection Agency) (1954) Meddler (1954) Do not recoup (A Game of Unchance) (1964) Hurry to buy! (Sales Pitch) (Fasrad) (1954) Precious Artifact (Priceless Treasure) (1964) Small Town (Small Town) (1954) The Pre-Persons (1974) 1985 – I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon How to Build a Universe That Doesn`t Fall Apart Two Days Later The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford (1954) Explorers We ( 1959) Holy Quarrel (1966) What`ll We Do with Ragland Park? (No Ordinary Guy) (1963) Strange Memories of Death (1984) The Alien Mind (1981) The Exit Door Leads In (1979) Chains of Air, Web of Aether (The Man Who Knew to Lose) (1980 ) Rautavaara`s Case (Rautavaara`s Box) (1980) Frozen Journey (I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon) (1980) Screen adaptations Main article: Screen adaptations of Philip Dick`s Blade Runner (1982) based on the novel Do Androids Dream about the electric sheep? ” “Recall Everything” (1990) based on the story “In the Depths of Memory” “Confessions d`un Barjo” (1992) based on the novel “Confessions of an idiot” “Screamers” (1995) after the story “Second Model” “1000 Wonders of the Universe” (1997) “Minority Opinion” (2002) based on the story “Minority Report” “The Alien” (2002) based on the story “The Pretender” “The Reckoning Hour” (2003) based on the story of the same name “Cloudy” (2006) based on the novel of the same name “The Prophet” (2007 ) based on the story “The Golden Man” “Shed Tears” (release date unknown) based on the novel of the same name “Changing Reality” (2011) based on the story of the same name Book about Philip Dick Carrère, E. “Philip Dick: I’m alive, you died “; Amphora, 2008, ISBN 978-5-367-00862-3 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Do androids dream of electric sheep?

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