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Leslie Charteris ( Leslie Charteris , full name – Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin, Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin ) May 12, 1907, Singapore – April 15 1993, England British writer of Chinese origin. Born in Singapore. Educated in England, where, after Cambridge University, he starts writing. The first books do not bring material benefits to Charteris, and he works as a policeman, chauffeur, gold digger, pearl fisherman. In 1926, he documented his name changed to Leslie Charteris. Creative and material success came to him with the release of The Saint Meets the Tiger, where his regular hero, the modern Robin Hood, Simon Templer, better known to detective lovers as the Saint, appears. In 1932, the writer moved to the United States and began work in Hollywood as a screenwriter. The series of novels with the Saint is huge, TV and radio plays and feature films have been staged from the books. About a dozen films have been filmed based on the works of the Saint, mainly with George Sanders or Louis Hayward as Templar. He also features a comic strip, a radio series that aired throughout the 1940s, and a 118-episode television series starring Roger Moore. Shortly before his death, Leslie Charteris received the Diamond Dagger award from the English Detective Writers Association. *** Born on May 12, 1907. The mother of the future writer was English, and his father was Chinese. In this international family, Leslie mastered Chinese and Malay earlier than English. At the age of ten, Chartelis learned to type on a typewriter and, as he later said himself, began to write for the money. In 1919, after the divorce of his parents, Leslie moved with his mother to England. After graduating from school, he entered the University of Cambridge Law School, but after a year, considering that he was already sufficiently educated for a writer, he dropped out. Despite Charteris`s firm decision to write detective stories, the early years he had to make a living in different ways. In Malaysia, he had to work in gold mines. In England, Chartelis changed many jobs, was a bartender, a professional bridge player and even a police officer. But while working, he continued to write and offer his works to various publications. In 1927, Leslie finally got his way, and the first novel, Esquire X, was published under the pseudonym Leslie Charteris. Nineteen years later, in 1946, receiving an American passport, the writer will officially take the name Leslie Charteris. In 1928, in the third novel of the author, a character appears, which millions of readers have fallen in love with and to this day is firmly associated with the name of Leslie Charteris – Simon Tempar, nicknamed “Saint”. This charming and noble swindler provided his “parent” with a pretty decent fortune. This was facilitated by the fact that in 1932, after finding out that the fees for detective stories in the United States are much higher than in England, Leslie Charteris went to conquer America with twenty-five dollars in his pocket and his young wife (Polina Shishkina, the daughter of a Russian emigrant). The Mystery of the Child`s Toy is one of Charteris` best stories. His first American success is associated with him. For the aspiring writer, the publication in the prestigious American Magazine (1933) was a huge event. True, at that time the Saint did not yet act in the story, and, compiling a collection of “The Intervention of the Saint” a year later, Charteris corrected this omission: he significantly revised the text and completely changed the appearance of the main characters. Although the Saint rarely works hand in hand with the police, in this case he assists the dim-witted Inspector Thiel with condescending friendliness. Leslie Charteris did a lot to popularize his hero. In 1936, he founded the Saint`s Club, which united fans of this hero. The club still exists today. Its permanent president is, of course, Simon Templar himself, and Charteris was vice president until his death in 1993. After his death, he was replaced by three actors who played Saint in the movies: Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and Simon Dutton. In 1953, Charteris began publishing The Saint Detective Magazine, in which, along with his writings, he published many of the detective genre`s masters, including Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and Sachs Romer. The writer did not part with his hero until the end of the 60s, and, in the end, he got tired of him. Charteris started doing other things, for example, he developed a new artificial language “paleneo”, which no one will remember now. But new books by the author continued to be published, however, “literary negroes” wrote for him, and Charteris offered plots, edited and put only his own name on the cover. The last, from 1964 to 1983, 14 books in English and 40 books in French about the adventures of Simon Tampler were made in a similar way. For example, the book Vendetta for the Saint (1964) was written by Harry Garrison after working on the release of the strip in newspaper “Saint”. After the termination of the publication of comics, Harrison had unused scripts and Leslie Charteris proposed to rework them into another novel about Simon Templar. Set in Sicily, the novel contains many of the authentic details of the “small Italian town” that Garrison “amassed” while living in Italy. The novel was adapted into the TV adventure series Saint, starring Roger Moore. Over the years, the role of Simon Templar was embodied on the screen and on the radio by 20 actors. In total, Leslie Charteris wrote 50 books in English about the adventures of the Saint, including 19 full-length novels, 48 ​​stories and short stories, 95 stories collected in collections. Leslie Charteris died on April 15, 1993 in England. The site about the “Saint” – http://www.saint.org/. © Detective. Declaration of love , Wikipedia , Leslie Charteris official site , IMDb Bibliography [collapse collapsed title =] Series Bill Kennedy 1927 – X Esquire – Esquire X 1928 – The White Rider Saint (Simon Templar) – Saint 1928 – 1. Meet the Tiger! (aka The Saint Meets The Tiger) – Sign of the Saint (Meeting with the Tiger) 1930 – 2. The Last Hero (aka The Saint Closes the Case) – The Saint closes the case (= Saint vs. Triangle) 1930 – 3. Enter The Saint 1930 – 4. Knight Templar (aka The Avenging Saint) 1931 – 5. Featuring The Saint 1931 – 6. Alias ​​The Saint 1931 – 7. She Was a Lady (aka The Saint Meets His Match / Angels of Doom) 1932 – 8. The Holy Terror (aka The Saint versus Scotland Yard) 1933 – 9. The Getaway (aka The Saint`s Getaway) 1933 – 10. Once More the Saint (aka The Saint and Mr Teal) 1933 – 11. The Brighter Buccaneer 1934 – 12. The Misfortunes of Mr Teal (aka The Saint In London) – Saint in London 1934 – 13. Boodle (aka The Saint Intervenes) 1934 – 14. The Saint Goes On 1935 – 15. The Saint in New York 1936 – 16. Saint Overboard 1937 – 17. The Ace of Knaves (aka The Saint in Action) 1937 – 18. Thieves` Picnic (aka The Saint Bids Diamonds) 1938 – 19. The Saint and the Sinners (aka Prelude for War) 1939 – 20. Follow The Sain t 1939 – 20. The Happy Highwayman 1940 – 22. The Saint in Miami 1940 – 23. The Saint Goes West 1943 – 24. The Saint Steps In 1945 – 25. The Saint On Guard 1946 – 26. The Saint Sees It Through 1948 – 27. Call for the Saint 1948 – 28. Saint Errant 1953 – 29. The Saint in Europe 1955 – 30. The Saint On the Spanish Main 1956 – 31. The Saint Around the World 1957 – 32. Thanks to The Saint 1958 – 33. Senor Saint 1959 – 34. The Saint to the Rescue 1962 – 35. Trust The Saint 1963 – 36. The Saint in the Sun 1964 – 37. Vendetta for the Saint (with Harry Harrison) – Vendetta for the Saint (with Gary Harrison ) 1970 – 42. The Saint in Pursuit (with Fleming Lee) 1970 – 43. The Saint and the People Importers (with Fleming Lee) Collections 1931 – Wanted for Murder 1933 – The Saint and the Brighter Buccaneer 1939 – The First Saint Omnibus (omnibus) (aka Arrest The Saint) 1945 – The Saint`s Choice 1951 – The Second Saint Omnibus (omnibus) 1969 – Saint and the Fiction Makers 1969 – The Saint Returns 1970 – The Saint Abroad 1970 – The Saint on TV 1974 – Saints Alive 1975 – Catch the Saint 1976 – The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (with Christopher Short) 1977 – Send for the Saint (omnibus) 1978 – The Saint in Trouble 1979 – The Saint and the Templar Treasure 1979 – The Saint Plays with Fire 1980 – Count on the Saint 1981 – The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur 1982 – The Fantastic Saint 1983 – Salvage for the Saint 2008 – The Best of the Saint, Vol. 1 2008 – The Best of the Saint, Vol. 2 Novels 1929 – The Bandit 1929 – Daredevil 1937 – Juan Belmonte, Killer of Bulls (with Manuel Chaves Nogales) Non fiction 1964 – Spanish For Fun 1974 – Paleneo: A Universal Sign Language Anthologies containing stories by Leslie Charteris 1934 – Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror 3rd Series 1981 – Great Tales of Mystery and Suspense Short stories The Appalling Politician (1933 ) The Bad Baron (1933) The Blind Spot (1933) The Brain Workers (1933) The Brass Buddha (1933) The Export Trade (1933) The Five Thousand Pound Kiss (1933) The Green Goods Man (1933) The New Swindle ( 1933) The Owners` Handicap (1933) The Perfect Crime (1933) The Tough Egg (1933) The Unblemished Bootlegger (1933) The Unpopular Landlord (1933) The Unusual Ending (1933) The Mystery of the Child`s Toy (1934) – Man who loved toys The Invisible Millionaire (1938) – The Invisible Millionaire The Arrow of God (1949) [/ collapse]

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The Saint Steps In

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The Saint Meets His Match

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The Saint and the Happy Highwayman

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The Saint in Miami

The Saint Closes the Case

The Saint on the Spanish Main

The Saint Around the World

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The Saint Bids Diamonds (Thieves` Picnic)

Featuring the Saint

Enter the Saint

Alias The Saint

Knight Templar (The Avenging Saint)

The Saint Goes West

The Saint In Action

Featuring the Saint

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The Saint Meets His Match (She was a Lady)