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Gilbert Keith C & # 769; esterton ( Gilbert Keith Chesterton ) 1874-1936 English Christian thinker, writer and poet, journalist, essayist, playwright and detective. $$ author-portrait-20784-gkchesterton.jpg $$ Chesterton was born on May 29, 1874 in the London borough of Kensington. Received his primary education at St. Paul`s School. Then he studied fine arts at the Slade Art School. In 1890 he published a book of his poems. In 1900, he was invited to write several critical articles on art, and the young artist felt an interest in journalism. In the early 1900s, Chesterton attracted attention with speeches against the Boer War. In total, Chesterton wrote about 80 books. He wrote several hundred poems, 200 stories, 4000 essays, a number of plays, novels “The Man Who Was Thursday” , “Ball and Cross” , “Flight tavern “ and others. He became widely known for his series of detective stories with the main characters priest Brown and Horn Fisher , as well as religious and philosophical treatises dedicated to the apology of Christianity. Initially, the writer lived in the bosom of the Anglican Church, but in 1922 he converted to Catholicism. The writer died on June 14, 1936 in Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire). [u] Major works: [/ u] Robert Browning (1903), Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904) The Club of Queer Trades (1905) Charles Dickens , 1906), The Man Who Was Thursday (1908) Ortodoxy (1908) George Bernard Shaw (1909) What happened to the world? (What`s Wrong with the World, 1910) Manalive (1912) The Flying Inn (1914) St. Francis of Assisi (1923) The Everlasting Man, 1925 The Outline of Sanity (1926) Robert Louis Stevenson (1927) This (The Thing, 1929) Chaucer (1932) St. Thomas Aquinas (1933) $ $ author-portrait-20784-chesterton.jpg $$ [hr] Wikipedia article about the writer ” Chesterton “site

The Scandal of Father Brown


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Английский с улыбкой. Охотничьи рассказы / Tales of the Long Bow

The Flying Inn

The Man Who Was Thursday

The Secret of Father Brown

The Incredulity of Father Brown

The Return of Don Quixote


The Napoleon of Notting Hill

The Wisdom of Father Brown

The Innocence of Father Brown

The Ball and the Cross

Complete Father Brown

Английский с Г. К. Честертоном. Случаи отца Брауна

Complete works

Английский с Г. К. Честертоном. Рассказы об отце Брауне