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Nelson DeMille ( Nelson Richard DeMille ) American writer, professional military officer (lieutenant), doctor of historical sciences. Aliases – Jack Cannon , Kurt Ladner , Brad Matthews . Nelson Richard DeMille was born on August 23, 1943 in New York (Jamaica, Queens – Jamaica, Queens). Parents – Charon and Antonina DeMille. As a child, he moved to Long Island with his family. He attended Elmont Memorial High School, but played more football and rode a motorcycle. DeMille studied for three years at Hovst University, but dropped out and enlisted in the army, entered the officer`s school as a candidate. Upon completion, he participated in the Vietnam War as part of a cavalry division, was a lieutenant and was awarded medals for military valor. DeMille returned to the United States, went back to university and graduated with a degree in history and political science. DeMille`s early books were detective stories with the main character Joe Ryker, then he writes action films and political thrillers. His first major novel was By the Rivers Of Babylon, published in 1978. DeMille is a member of the Authors Guilds of America and holds three honorary doctorates. A number of his books have been filmed, especially the film “The General`s Daughter” (1999, directed by Simon West) with J. Travolta in the title role. He has three children and still lives in Long Island. Based on materials from sites – library of action-packed literature , official site , Wikipedia , IMDb> Nelson DeMille Bibliography Series J oe Ryker (writing as Jack Cannon [ / b]) 1989 – 1. The Sniper 1989 – 2. The Hammer of God 1989 – 3. The Smack Man 1989 – 4. The Cannibal 1989 – 5. Night of the Phoenix 1989 – 6. The Death Squad John Sutter 1990 – 1. The Gold Coast 2008 – 2. The Gate House Paul Brenner – Paul Brenner 1992 – 1. The General`s Daughter 2002 – 2. Up Country – To nowhere John Corey – John Corey 1997 – 1. Plum Island – Secrets of Plum Island 1999 – 2. The Lion`s Game – The Lion`s Game 2004 – 3. Night Fall – Night Fall 2006 – 4. Wild Fire 2010 – 5. The Lion Out of Series 1976 – Hitler`s Children: The True Story of Nazi Human Stud Farms (writing as Kurt Ladner) 1977 – Killer Sharks: The Real Story (writing as Brad Matthews) 1978 – By the Rivers Of Babylon – By the Rivers of Babylon 1979 – Mayday (with Thomas H Block) 1981 – Cathedral – Cathedral 1984 – The Talbot Odyssey – Odyssey I Talbot 1985 – Word of Honor – Word of Honor 1988 – The Charm School – School of Charm 1994 – Spencerville – Spencerville Omnibus 1992 – Nelson Demille Omnibus 2004 – Nelson DeMille Classics Anthologies edited 2004 – The Best American Mystery Stories 2004 (with Otto Penzler) 2005 – Dangerous Women (with Otto Penzler) 2005 – In The Shadow Of The Master: Classic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe (with Michael Connelly) Non fiction [/ b ] 2000 – Take Off !: How Long Island Inspired America to Fly



The Panther

Plum Island

The Quest

Plum Island

Wild Fire

Radiant Angel


The Lion

The Charm School


The Quest

Death Benefits

The Lion`s Game


The Gate House

Night Fall

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The Talbot Odyssey

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The General`s Daughter