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Dave Barry (English David “Dave” Barry ) American writer and publicist. Born July 3, 1947 in New York. He writes a popular comedy column for the Florida newspaper The Miami Herald. Dave Barry`s articles have been published in more than five hundred newspapers, both in the United States and around the world. In 1988 he received the Pulitzer Prize for his writing of the day. Barry is the author of more than 20 books and collections of articles in the genre of humorous journalism (the book “Marriage or Sex” has been translated into Russian), none of which, as the author himself notes, “in fact, there is no useful information.” His satirical column served as the basis for a television comedy show. Barry`s first novel “Big Trouble”, written, like “Tricky Business”, on Florida material, formed the basis for the film of the same name (2002) by American director Barry Sonnenfeld, which was shown in the Russian box office. Also in 2005, his book “Dave Barry`s Complete Guide to Guys” was filmed. In recent years, together with Ridley Pearson, he wrote two series of novels for children and teenagers, based on the novels about Peter Pan by his famous almost namesake James Barry – “Starcatchers” and “Never Land Books”. In addition, Dave Barry plays the lead guitar in the Rock Bottom Reminders writing group along with Stephen King, Amy Tan, Ridley Pearson and Mitch Albom – none of them really knows how to play, but they do it “very loudly”. They even wrote a book about it, Mid-Life Confidential: The Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America With Three Chords and an Attitude. And Dave Barry did a lot to popularize International Pirate Day. He currently lives in Miami with his wife Michelle Kaufman, a sports writer, and two children, son Rob and daughter Sophie. Taken from fantlab.ru Official site Bibliography

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Big trouble

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