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Antonio Muñoz Molina (Spanish: Antonio Muñoz Molina, January 10, 1956, Ubeda) is a Spanish writer. He graduated from the Salesian School, then – the Faculty of Arts of the University of Granada. He was engaged in journalism, kept a literary chronicle. He published his first novel in 1986. He also acts as an essayist. Head of the department of the Cervantes Institute in New York. Wife – the writer Elvira Lindo In her novels, she often refers to the past – both biographical and historical (the Spanish Civil War, etc.). At the same time, he actively uses the poetics of mass genres of art – an action-packed novel, a “black” film, etc. Member of the Spanish Royal Academy (1996). Honorary Professor of the University of Jaen (2007). The writer`s books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world, including Turkish and Korean. In 1997, the University of Neuchâtel hosted an international colloquium dedicated to his work Works 1986 – Beatus Ille 1987 – Winter in Lisbon / El invierno en Lisboa, Critics Prize, National Prize in Prose 1988 – Other Lives / Las otras vidas, short stories. 1989 – Beltenebros (filmed by Pilar Miro in 1991) 1991 – Polish Horseman / El jinete polaco, National Prize in Prose, Prize of the Planet Publishing House (filmed; Russian translation – 2006) 1992 – Madrid Mysteries / Los misterios de Madrid 1993 – Nada del otro mundo, short stories 1994 – Keeper of the Secret / El dueño del secreto 1995 – Ardor guerrero 1997 – Full Moon / Plenilunio (filmed by Imanol Uribe, 1999; Femina Prize for the best foreign book) 1998 – Sacrificial Hill / La colina de los sacrificios 1999 – Carlota Fainberg 2000 – En ausencia de Blanca 2001 – Sepharad / Sefarad 2003 – El Salvador 2005 – Possessed / La poseída 2006 – Lunar wind / El viento de la Luna 2007 – Días de diario 2009 – Night of Times / La noche de los tiempos 2013 – Everything that was unshakable / Todo lo que era sólido (essay on contemporary politics and culture

A Manuscript of Ashes

In the Night of Time

In Her Absence