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Donald Hamilton Donald Bengtsson Hamilton Author of famous spy thrillers, as well as a series of popular novels about Matt Helm. Donald Hamilton was born on March 24, 1916 in Uppsala (Sweden). When Donald was 8 years old, he and his parents emigrated to the United States. After completing his bachelor`s degree at the University of Chicago`s Faculty of Chemistry, he worked for some time in the private sector, and with the outbreak of World War II he was drafted and served as a chemist in the US Navy reserve, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant. The outbreak of the war coincided with falling in love and marrying Kathleen Stick, with whom he lived all his life. They had four children: Hugo, Eliza, Gordon and Victoria. After demobilization, Hamilton moonlights by writing articles for science fiction magazines and publishing photographs. The avid tourist and hunter writes many popular science and entertainment articles about hunting and sailing for magazines. Many years later, these articles were published as a book under one cover. In 1947, the first novel, Date With Darkness, was published, which was written in the genre of a spy novel. Over the next 46 years, Hamilton wrote a total of 38 more novels. After World War II, television (films and programs) grew in popularity and book circulation declined. Publishers are experimenting with paperback, so most of his books have been published in paperback since the fourth novel. Distinctive features of his works are the speed of action, the use of spy themes and incredible, dizzying plots. Most of Hamilton`s early novels are westerns, some of them so popular that they are instantly filmed, and the main roles are played by the stars of the time – Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston. Despite the paperback, his books are highly praised by critics and are highly popular with readers. Probably the best work before the Helm series was Line of Fire (1955), in which Hamilton implements the full range of elements popular at the time: murder and the politics of an imaginary state, firearms, and psychological problems associated with impotence. Donald Hamilton died in his sleep on November 20, 2006.

The Intriguers

The Poisoners

Murderers Row

The Silencers

The Wrecking Crew

The Menacers

The Ravagers

The Removers

The Devastators

The Silencers

The Betrayers

Murders` Row

The Ambushers

The Interlopers

The Shadowers

Death of a Citizen