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Robert Sheckley Nickname – Finn O & # 039; Donnevan (Finn O & # 039; Donnevan) 07/16/1928 – 12/09/2005 Born in New York. After serving in the army, he graduated from New York University. He began to write early, and in 1951 he took the form of a professional writer. He is considered one of the leading representatives of the satirical and humorous US SF. The first publication is dated 1952 – “The last check”. In the late 70s he worked as editor of the prose department of the Omni magazine. For a long time he led a “nomadic” lifestyle, constantly changing his place of residence in the USA and Europe. The success of the humorist and satirist was brought by the stories of the mid-50s, presented in collections – “Untouched by human hands”, “Citizen in Space”, “Infinity Shop”. Later stories are combined into collections – “A Trap for People”, “Do you feel anything when I do this?”, “Same for you – in double size”, “The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley”. Although most of Sheckley`s works are full of perky and sparkling humor, they clearly show the author`s anxiety for a person`s ability to cope with his inner world (the desire to destroy). In “Absolute Weapon” the idea is most clearly expressed that human aggressiveness can become a weapon stronger than the most advanced technical super-weapon. Many stories about contact and aliens are imbued with softer humor: “Not touched by human hands” (1952), “The smell of thought” (1953), “Leech” (19 ..). His work is very diverse and interesting. Probably the most curious starship in SF, whose crew members are at the same time also its “constituent parts”, forming in the aggregate a serviceable biomechanism, is depicted in his stories – “The Specialist” (1953), “Form” (1953). Another inexhaustible source of inspiration for Shackley the satirist and humorist is robots, terrestrial and alien: “The Boat Mutiny” (1955), “Special Prospector” (1959), “My Double is a Robot” (1973), “Robot Rex” (19 .. ) and others. Cybernetic dystopia, in which criminals are caught and punished with the help of an electronic “vulture”, is depicted in “Guardian Bird” (1953). The story “A Thief in Time” (1952) is also devoted to the problems of criminology of the future. In the humorous Battle (1954), Armageddon is the final battle of the cyber demons against the cyberangels. In contrast to the traditionally folklore supernatural beings in “Demons” (1953), the hero of the story “Accountant” (1953) – a boy from a family of sorcerers – dreams, it turns out, of a more prosaic profession of “normal” people. With Sheckley`s inherent brilliance and wit, the delicate problems of sex and eroticism are solved in the stories: “The Ideal Woman” (1954), “Pilgrimage to Earth” (1956), “The Language of Love” (1957), “And People Do It?” (1972), “Do you feel anything when I do this?” (nineteen..). Also, Robert Sheckley is known to the reader thanks to the co-authorship with Roger Zelazny, with whom they wrote an ironic trilogy about the young demon Azzie. The trilogy is full of an abundance of comic situations in which a demon falls, constantly trying to build great mischief. Official site: Unofficial sites: and

The Demons

The Same to You Doubled

A Strange But Familiar Country

City of the Dead

Off-Limits Planet

Immortality, Inc

The People Trap (short stories collection)

Dimension of Miracles

The Last Weapon

Love Song from the Stars

Divine Intervention


The Laertian Gamble

Emissary from a Green and Yellow World

The Perfect Woman

The Accountant

The Lifeboat Mutiny

The Laxian Key

The Gun Without a Bang

Magic, Maples, and Maryanne

Carhunters of the Concrete Prairie


The Refuge Elsewhere

The New Horla

On the Good Ship Mandelbrot

Death Wish

Pilgrimage to Earth

An Infinity of Angels

A Ticket to Tranai

Squirrel Cage

Restricted Area

The People Trap

Pilgrimage to Earth

Skulking Permit

Deep Blue Sleep

The Mountain Without a Name

Squirrel Cage

The Store of the Worlds

Hunting Problem

Ask a Foolish Question

Citizen in Space

Beside Still Waters

Is That What People Do?

The Never-ending Western Movie

Prospector`s Special

The Luckiest Man in the World


The Day the Aliens Came


Keep Your Shape

The Eryx

Something for Nothing

Bad Medicine


Can You Feel Anything When I Do This

Accept No Substitutes

The Journey of Joenes

A Wind Is Rising

The Necessary Thing

Cost of Living

The Battle

The Leech

The Robert Sheckley Megapack

Sightseeing 2179

Reborn Again


The Status Civilization

The Hour of Battle

Message from Pluto

A Call to Arms



Cordle To Onion To Carrot


Seventh Victim

Store of the Worlds: The Stories of Robert Sheckley

Citizen in Space

Soma Blues

The Minimum Man

Agamemnon`s Run

On an Experience In a Cornfield

A Thief in Time

Death Wish


Conversations on Mars

The Skag Castle


The Sympathetic Doctor

The Status Civilization

Store of the Worlds

Privilege of Age

Alien Harvest

Aspects of Langranak

Legend of Conquistadors

Ghost V

The Dream of Misunderstanding

A Conversation with the West Nile Virus

Hands Off

One Mans Poison

Warrior Race

Operating Instructions

The Prize of Peril

The Obsidian Mirror

Feeding Time

The Monsters

Milk Run


Diplomatic Immunity

Untouched by Human Hands