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Bernard Cornwell (English Bernard Cornwell ) Bernard Cornwell was born in London on February 23, 1944. He was a “war child” – his father was a Canadian pilot, and his mother served in auxiliary units Air force. He was adopted by a family from Essex, which belonged to the religious sect “Special People” (such, however, they were). He escaped from there and entered the University of London, after graduation he worked for some time as a teacher, then went to work at the BBC, where he worked for the next 10 years, starting as a reporter, and ending up as the head of the BBC news bureau in Northern Ireland. Here he met and fell in love with Julia, a US citizen. This meeting had consequences that no one at that time could have foreseen. Here is what Bernard Cornwell himself recalls: “I am afraid that the emergence of books about Sharpe was an incredibly accidental thing. As a teenager, I read all the books about Hornblower, and I wanted to read more, but I didn`t, so I started reading historical literature, and came across on the story of Wellington`s army in the Peninsula. I spent years looking in bookstores for books about the “land” Hornblower, I could not find anything, and decided that it would be interesting to write something like this myself. Perhaps I would never start writing, if I hadn`t fallen in love (at first sight, in fact) with an American woman who at that time came from Edinburgh. I then told my reporter (and I was head of the news bureau at the time) that I would marry her. Yes, I am so and did, but it did not happen soon, and one of the most important obstacles was that Judy could not move to Britain for family reasons, and although I could leave for the States, I could not get permission to work there. thought I`d write uh Those damn books, this work doesn`t need permission from Washington. This happened in 1979, we are already married, the books continue to be published, and I have received the Green Card. “Cornwell is the author of a number of series of history and adventure books, among which, of course, the saga of Sharpe the Arrow is central. Some connoisseurs of Cornwell`s work, however, put much higher than his series “Saxon Chronicles” about the adventures in the time of Alfred the Great young Saxon Uhtred, raised by the Danes, and torn between his love for the Danes and his duty to serve King Alfred. To date, five books in the series have been published. The sixth is expected in the fall.An excerpt from it is on the official website of Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe`s Eagle

Рождество стрелка Шарпа


Стычка стрелка Шарпа


Sharpe`s Rifles

The Pale Horseman

Sharpe`s Sword

Sharpe`s Devil

Death of Kings

Sharpe`s Christmas

Sharpe`s Fortress

Sharpe`s Honour

The Burning Land

Sharpe`s Fury

Sharpe`s Ransom


Выкуп стрелка Шарпа

Sword Song

Sharpe`s Skirmish

Sharpe`s Havoc

Sharpe`s Tiger

Sharpe`s Tiger

Sharpe`s Prey

Battle Flag

Gallows Thief

Sharpe`s Siege


Sharpe`s Company

Sharpe`s Triumph


Sharpe`s Waterloo

Sharpe`s Battle


The Last Kingdom


The Winter King

The Empty Throne


Lords of the North

Sharpe`s Escape

Warriors of the Storm

Sharpe`s Enemy

The Pagan Lord


Sharpe`s Gold


Enemy of God


Sharpe`s Revenge

Sharpe`s Trafalgar


Sea Lord

Sharpe`s Regiment

The Fort: A Novel of the Revolutionary War

The Pale Horseman