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Jack London (English Jack London, née John Griffith Cheney, English John Griffith Chaney; (January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) American writer, best known as the author of adventure stories and novels.


Jack Griffith Cheney was born in San Francisco on January 12, 1876. When he was about eight months old, his mother married a farmer, John London, who adopted little Jack Griffith, and the future the writer took his surname. Jack London early began an independent working life, full of hardship. A schoolboy selling morning and evening newspapers. After graduating from elementary school at the age of fourteen, he entered a cannery at the age of fourteen. The work was very hard and he left the factory. Was ” an oyster pirate “, caught oysters in the Bay of San Francisco, which was prohibited. In 1893 he was hired as a sailor on a fishing schooner, going to catch seals to the shores of Japan and the Bering Sea. The first voyage gave London many vivid impressions leanings, which later formed the basis of many of his marine stories and novels. The first essay of London “Typhoon off the coast of Japan”, for which he received the first prize of a newspaper in San Francisco, was the beginning of his literary career. The grave of Jack London in Jack London State Park (Jack London State Park, Glen Ellen, CA) This was followed by the following collections of stories: “Son of the Wolf” (Boston, 1900), “God of his fathers” (Chicago, 1901), “Children of the Frost” (New York, 1902), “Faith in Man” (New York, 1904), “Lunar Face” (New York, 1906), “Lost Face” (New York, 1910), as well as the novels “Daughter Snow “(1902)” Sea Wolf “(1904),” Martin Eden “(1909), which created the widest popularity for the writer. Due to the fact that Jack London was very popular in the USSR, as a writer praising the inflexibility of the spirit, which was attributed to the revolutionaries (the story “The Mexican” was considered the most famous), it was not emphasized that he was the highest paid writer in America. His royalties went up to $ 50,000 per book, which was a fantastic amount. To the dying Vladimir Lenin, Nadezhda Krupskaya read his favorite book “Love for Life” by Jack London. Jack London died in California on November 22, 1916 in the Californian town of Glen Ellen. In recent years he suffered from kidney disease, and in one of his attacks of pain he took too much sleeping pills. [Source?]


Novels and stories English Title Russian translation A Daughter of the Snows (1902) Daughter of the Snows The Call of the Wild (1903) The Call of the Wild The Kempton-Wace Letters (1903) The Sea-Wolf (1904) The Sea Wolf The Game (1905) The Game White Fang (1906) White Fang Before Adam (1907) Before Adam The Iron Heel (1908) Iron Heel & # 039; Martin Eden, 1909 Martin Eden Burning Daylight (1910) Time Doesn`t Wait Adventure (1911) Adventure The Scarlet Plague (1912) Scarlet Plague A Son of the Sun (1912) Son of the Sun The Abysmal Brute ( 1913) The Valley of the Moon (1913) The Mutiny of the Elsinore (1914) The Elsinore Mutiny The Star Rover (1915) The Little Lady of the Big House (1916) Jerry of the Big House Islands (1917) Jerry the Islander Michael, Brother of Jerry (1917) Michael, Jerry`s brother Hearts of Three (1920) Hearts of Three The Assassination Bureau, Ltd (1963) Stories Jack London has written over 200 stories in 16 collections * Son of the Wolf (1900) The Son of the Wolf * The God of His Fathers (1901) The God of His Fathers * Children of the Frost (1902) Children of Frost * The Faith of Men (1904) Male Faithfulness * Moon-face (1906) Moon Face * Love of Life (1907) Love of Life * Tales of the Fish Patrol (1906) Tales of the Fish Patrol (1906) Tales of the Fish Patrol * Lost Face (1910) Lost Face * South Sea Tales (1911) Tales of the South Seas * When God Laughs 1911) When Gods Laugh * The House of Pride (1912) Temple of Pride * Smoke Bellew (1912) Smoke Bellew * A Son of the Sun (1912) ) Son of the Sun * The Night Born (1913) Born in the Night * The Strength of the Strong (1914) The Strength of the Strong * The Turtles of Tasman (1916) The Tasman Turtles Published posthumously: * The Red One (1918) The Red Deity * On the Makaloa Mat (1919) On Makaloa`s Mat * Dutch Courage (1922) Dutch Courage (For Courage) Stories * Aloha Oe * Atu them, hey! * The White Silence * Shameless * The disease of the lonely leader * Tramp and the fairy * Brown wolf * “Bulls” * In the wilds of the North * The great mystery * The great magician * Faith in man * Hyperborean drink * Rot started in Idaho * John Barleyseed * The Road (1907) * Daughter of the Northern Lights * Devils on Fuatino * Pearls of Parley * The King`s Wife * Female Contempt * For those on the way! * Law of Life * Bonanza * Golden Canyon * Golden Poppy * History of Jis-Uk * Like the Argonauts in the old days * How I became a socialist * Pictures * Kish, the son of Kish * When the gods laugh * End of the tale * Bonfire * Coolaw Leper * Piece of Meat * League of Old Men * Amateur Evening * Love of Life * Little Bill to Swithin Hall * Mexican (The Mexican) * Local Flavor * Marked * Wisdom of the Snow Trail * Courage of a Woman * On the Shores of Sacramento * Night on the Goboto (A Goboto Night, 1911) * In a distant land * On the Forty Mile * On the Makaloa mat * Nam Bok is a liar * Unexpected * About me * One-day stay * Apostate * Feathers of the Sun * By the right of a priest * Under a sailing tent * Benefit of Doubt * Kanaka Surf * Confession * Born in the Night * Northern Odyssey * Fair-skinned Li Wan * The Legend of Kisha * Smoke and the Kid * Scary Solomon Islands * “Snatched” * The Son of the Wolf * Where the paths diverge * By the path of false suns * A thousand dozen * Kill Human * Temple of Pride * What Life Means to Me Other Works * The Road (1907) The Road (autobiographical sketch) * John Barleycorn (1913) John Barleycorn (autobiographical sketch) * The People of the Abyss (1903) People from the Abyss (essay ) * Revolution, and other Essays (1910) Revolution (essays) * The Cruise of the Snark (1911) Snark`s Journey (essays) * The Theft (1910) Theft (play) Film Adaptations There are more than 100 film adaptations of Jack London`s works. By the way, London itself once played the episodic role of a sailor in the first film adaptation of his novel “The Sea Wolf” (1913) [1]. In the USSR and Russia, films based on the works of London were also staged repeatedly: * White Fang (1946) * Mexican (1955) * Smoke and the Kid (1975) * Theft (1982) * Martin Eden (1976) * Sea Wolf (1990) * Hearts of Three (1992) * Hearts Three-2 (1993) Adapted from Wikipedia.  Personal site

Tales of the Fish Patrol

Love of Life

Белый клык

The Road

The Iron Heel


The Little Lady of the Big House

John Barleycorn

The Game

Белый клык / White Fang

Jack London. Complete works

Lost Face

The Night-born

Английский язык с Дж. Лондоном. Любовь к жизни (рассказы)

Michael, Brother of Jerry

Burning Daylight

Moon-Face and Other Stories

White Fang

When God Laughs

История Джис-Ук

Children of the Frost

A Daughter of Snows

Межзвездный скиталец


The Valley of the Moon

The Scarlet Plague

Английский язык с Джеком Лондоном. Любовь к жизни. Рассказы / Jack London. Love Of Live. Stories

Jerry of the Islands

The Mutiny of the Elsinore

Before Adam

The Strength of the Strong

Белое безмолвие

The Turtles of Tasman

The Sea Wolf

Hearts of Three

The Son of the Wolf

The Cruise of the Snark

The House of Pride

A Son of the Sun

Английский язык с Джеком Лондоном. В далекой стране (рассказы)

The Red One

The Faith of Men

The Jacket (The Star-Rover)

South Sea Tales

Smoke Bellew

The Call of the Wild

The Cruise of The Dazzler