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Anne Bishop / Anne Bishop – American writer, author of novels in the style of “dark fantasy”. Lives in upstate New York. Likes gardening, music, and writing stories in the style of dark romance. Ann is the author of seventeen novels. Her novel, Twilight`s Dawn, was included on the New York Times bestseller list.  Titles, awards and prizes: 1. Won the Crawford Prize in 2000 for the first three novels in her Black Series: Daughter of Blood, Heir of the Shadow, and Queen of Darkness. 2. Received the 2013 Career Achievement Award for Outstanding Fiction Writing by RT Book Reviews. Author`s site:

Murder of Crows

Shalador`s Lady


Lake Silence

Etched in Bone


The House of Gaian

Heir to the Shadows

Heir to the Shadows

Marked In Flesh

Vision In Silver

Twilight`s Dawn

Shadows and Light

Bridge of Dreams

Daughter of the Blood

The Invisible Ring

The Queen`s Bargain

Written in Red

The Pillars of the World

The Shadow Queen

Wild Country

Dreams Made Flesh

Tangled Webs

Queen of the Darkness

Murder of Crows

The Voice