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Don Pendleton , Don Pendleton (English Donald Eugene Pendleton ) Also used the pseudonyms Dan Britain (English Dan Britain), Stefan Gregory (Stephan Gregory). December 12, 1927 – October 23, 1995 American writer, one of the founders and prominent representatives of the “action” style. Don Pendleton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 12, 1927. When he was 15 years old, Don joined the Navy. He served from 1942 to 1947, has awards. After working for several years as a telegraph operator on the South Pacific Railroad, Pendleton returned to military service during the Korean War. From 1957 to 1961, he worked as an air traffic controller, after which he became an aerospace specialist and participated in the development of responsible American space programs. Pendleton began writing in 1957, but only succeeded in 1969 with the release of War Against the Mafia. In this work, the main character of the main Pendleton series, “The Executioner” Mac Bolan, first appeared. The series became popular, was published worldwide in twenty-five languages ​​with a circulation of almost two hundred million copies. In 1980, Pendleton granted the right to participate in the development of plots and independent publication of works about Bolan to the Harlequin World Library, the authors of which have already published more than 400 books. There are also serial issues of magazines and comics with Max Bolan, the Executioner. Issues after “Executioner – 38 (Saturday Sabbath)” belong to the pen of other authors. Other characters in the writer were detective Ashton Ford and private investigator Joe Kopp. In addition to detectives, Donald wrote poetry, scripts and erotic works. In the last period of his career, he engaged in metaphysical research. Don began working with his wife Linda, with whom he wrote The Metaphysics of the Novel and the thriller Dark Stormy Night, and in 1990 published the book Dance with Angels about the possibility of life after death. Several of his books have been published under the pseudonyms Dan Britan and Stephen Gregory.  Detective. Declaration of love Offic. the writer`s site – Biography, bibliography – about Max Bolan and the authors of books about him – http: // www. Bibliography Series – Mac Bolan, Executioner 1969 – War against the Mafia – Death of the Mafia! Death squad 1970 Battle mask – Miami massacre – Typhoon over Miami 1971 Assault on Soho – Offensive on Soho Chicago wipeout Continental contract Nightmare in New York – Nightmare in New York Vegas vendetta – Vendetta in Las Vegas 1972 Boston blitz California hit Caribbean kill San Diego siege – Siege of San Diego Washington IOU 1973 Panic in Philly 1973 Sicilian Slaughter – Sicilian alarm Detroit deathwatch – Trouble in Detroit Jersey guns – Blood for blood New Orleans knockout – Death equalizes all Texas storm – Texas storm 1975 Canadian crisis – Canadian Conspiracy Firebase Seattle – Survive Seattle Hawaiian hellground – Hell in Hawaii St. Louis showdown – Mayhem in St. Louis 1976 Acapulco rampage – Capo of Acapulco Colorado kill-zone – Ranger from Colorado Dixie convoy – South Corridor 1977 Arizona ambush (with Michael Newton) – Arizona trap Cleveland pipeline (with Stephen Mertz and Michael Newton ) – Meeting in Cleveland Command strike (with Stephen Mertz and Michael Newton) – Manhattan palsy Savage fire – Back to basics 1978 Monday`s mob – Shroud on Monday Tennessee smash (with Michael Newton) 1979 Friday`s feast – Vulture Day Terrible Tuesday Thermal Thursday – Vengeance Thursday Wednesday`s wrath – First day of fasting 1980 Satan`s Sabbath – Saturday Sabbath

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