Hard Detective Books

Fletch’s Moxie

The Most Dangerous Dame

Get a Load of This

Riot Act

The Adventures Of Sam Spade

Second Shot

The Saint Sees it Through

Sucker Bet

Death in Paradise


Poodle Springs

Eight Million Ways to Die

The Dain Curse

The Saint Overboard

Blonde Bait

Double Play

Murder Is My Business

Swan Peak


Everybody Dies

The Lady in the Lake

Double Deuce


Hard Knocks

Lethal White

Devil in a Blue Dress

The Erection Set

Come easy - Go easy

Green Eyes

The Star of Delhi

The Saint and Mr Teal (Once More the Saint)

Widow’s Walk

This Way for a Shroud

One False Move

The Corpse Came Calling

The Sky Walker

A Purple Place For Dying

Mr. Lucky

A Drink before the War

Nightmare In Pink

Indemnity Only

The Eyes of the Shadow

Tickets for Death

Even the Wicked

Get a Load of This

The Careless Corpse

Lady, Here`s Your Wreath

Long Lost

One Lonely Night

The Barbarous Coast

Cinnamon Kiss


Devil`s Peak

Loaded Dice

The Saint Closes the Case

Mr. Mercedes

Hit Me

M is for Malice

Fool Me Twice

E Is for Evidence

The Forsaken

The House that Jack Built

Honey in His Mouth

Burn Marks

Miss Shumway Waves A Wand

The Lonely Silver Rain

A Wanted Man

Well Now My Pretty

Promise Me

A Stained White Radiance

Time of Terror

A Lotus for Miss Quon

I Would Rather Stay Poor

Never Kill a Client

Total Recall

Fire Sale

Red Harvest

Baby Moll

The Troubleshooter: Fears in the Rain

Little Easter


Too Friendly, Too Dead


The Shadow`s Justice

Taming a Sea Horse

Hope to Die

Nightmare Time

Hush Money

Call for the Saint

At the Point of a. 38

A Long Line of Dead Men

Enter Without Desire

Devil in a Blue Dress

The Long Lavender Look

Black Cherry Blues

The Long Goodbye

Rough Weather

The Saint Closes the Case (The Last Hero)

The Shadow Unmasks

Strictly for Cash

Miss Shumway Waves a Wand

Not My Thing

Heads You Lose

Murder Takes No Holiday

The Saint in Miami


Short Stories

The Saint Sees It Through

Killing Orders

Gone Fishin’

Afraid Of A Gun and Other Stories

Well Now, My Pretty…

The Mobsmen On The Spot

Gulf Coast Girl aka Scorpion Reef

Act of Fear

The twisted thing

Fast Buck

Moonlight Mile

Hit List

A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Stranger in Paradise

Stranger in Town

Killing Them Softly

I Come to Kill You

Room To Swing

Now & Then: a Donovan Creed Novel

The Wycherly Woman

Armed… Dangerous…

The Little Sister

Shakedown for Murder

They Don`t Play Stickball in Milwaukee

The Glass Rainbow

Tuned for Murder

The Most Dangerous Dame

Dividend on Death

Tiger by the Tail

The Big Kill

The Topless Tulip Caper

The Broken Places

The Blood Ring

Indigo Slam

A Deadly Shade Of Gold

With Intent to Kill

The Zebra-Striped Hearse

The Blackmail Ring

So Lush, So Deadly

The Five Chameleons

The Lady In The Lake

Murder and the Married Virgin

Burning Angel

Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear

I is for Innocent

12 Chinks and A Woman

The Saint on Guard

A Dance at the Slaughterhouse

You Find Him, I`ll Fix Him

The Weird Adventures of The Blond Adder

Tell It to the Birds

The High Window

Lethal White (A Cormoran Strike Novel)

A Touch of Death

Snow White & Rose Red

Lead With Your Left

Nightmare Town


Blue Murder

The Far Side of the Dollar

Guilty as Hell

What`s Better Than Money?

Three Blind Mice

Out on the Cutting Edge

Thirteen Hours

Jack Daniels Stories


Find a Victim

B Is For Burglar

61 Hours

Breathe No More My Lady

The Black Master

I, The Jury

The James Deans

Killing Castro

The Redeemers

House Dick

The Homicidal Virgin

The Turquoise Lament

The Widening Gyre

Lethal Experiment: A Donovan Creed Novel

The Big Fix

The Saint and the Happy Highwayman

Crime, Insured

When the Sacred Ginmill Closes

Night and Day

An Ace up my Sleeve

Mermaid on the Rocks

C is for Corpse

You Find Him – I`ll Fix Him

The Kill-Off

Murder Round the Clock

Win Some, Lose Some