Hard Detective Books

Vegas Moon

Marked for Murder

Deadman`s Bluff

In a Deadly Vein

I`ll Get You For This

Lead With Your Left

Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper

The Little Sister

Troubled Blood

The Big Bang


Afraid Of A Gun and Other Stories

The Troubleshooter: Fears in the Rain

The Neon Rain

The Saint in Miami

Saving Rachel: A Donovan Creed Novel

The Ghost Of The Manor

Killing Floor

The Ghost Makers

Figure It Out for Yourself

The Sentinel


I`ll Get You for This

Purple Cane Road

The Hard Way

I is for Innocent

The Shadow Unmasks

Man on the Run

A Redhead for Mike Shayne

The Black Master

Thin Air

The Forsaken

Lethal People: A Donovan Creed Crime Novel

The Widening Gyre

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 16 Skeletons From My Closet

The Glass Key

The Star of Delhi

C is for Corpse

Pay-Off in Blood

The Saint Meets the Tiger

The Sky Walker



The Living Shadow

Vendetta for the Saint

Killing Castro

Darkest Fear

The Moving Target

The James Deans

Dead Stay Dumb

Lethal White

We`ll Share A Double Funeral

Fire Sale

The Death Club

Long Lost

Nightmare Town

U Is For Undertow

Whiff of Money

Saint Errant

Fool Me Twice

The Red Menace

You Can Say That Again

The Lonely Silver Rain

The Saint`s Getaway

Black Money

The Black Master

First Drop

Hard Luck Grift

The Enemy

Crooked Little Vein

The Lost Ones

The Chill

Featuring the Saint

Dead Street

Total Recall

K Is For Killer

Sudden Mischief

He Won`t Need it Now

Fletch’s Moxie

Black Alley

The Snake

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Room To Swing

Devil`s Peak

Hell`s Siphon

Gone Tomorrow

Death in Paradise

Like A Hole In The Head

Drop Shot


Hill Girl

Little Easter

School Days

End of Watch

Date with a Dead Man

The Crossing

Empty ever after


Everybody`s Watching Me

Echo Burning

Prayers For Rain

And the deep blue sea

When Dorinda Dances

The Soft Centre

Bad Business

Ellery Queen`s Mystery Magazine, Vol. 37, No. 6. Whole No. 211, June 1961

The Final Detail

L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories

The Best That Ever Did It

Light of the World

The Yellow Hoard

The Deep Blue Good-Bye

God Save the Child

A Taste for Violence


Prelude for War

Black Hats. A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone

The Hand

Death in the Stars

Lullaby Town

Black Money

13 The Saint Intervenes (Boodle)

The Silent Seven

H is for Homicide

The Troubleshooter

The Chill


With Intent to Kill

Fast Buck

Lay Her Among The Lilies

The Tough Guys

Lady, Here`s Your Wreath

Blonde Bait

No Orchids for Miss Blandish

Hundred Dollar Baby

I Come to Kill You

Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief

Dress Her In Indigo

The Homicidal Virgin

Killer Instinct

Blood on the Stars

Widow’s Walk

Painted Ladies

Die Trying

Bargain with Death

Soul Patch

New Haven Blues

The Ivory Grin

Fletch Reflected

A Dance at the Slaughterhouse

The Saint on Guard

Farewell, My Lovely

Sunset Limited

The Maltese Falcon

Violence Is Golden

Killing Orders

They Don`t Play Stickball in Milwaukee

What Really Happened

Mission To Siena

The Saint vs Scotland Yard (The Holy Terror)

The Saint Steps In

Like a Hole in the Head

A Stained White Radiance

Pale Gray For Guilt

The Cup of Confucious


Lethal White

The Crime Cult

The Doomsters

Now & Then: a Donovan Creed Novel

A Morning for Flamingos

12 Chinks and A Woman

Fast Buck

The Frosted Death

Shadowed Millions

The Saint Goes West

No Business Of Mine

Find a Victim


South Pacific Affair

E Is for Evidence

The Zebra-Striped Hearse

The Weird Adventures of The Blond Adder

Die Like a Dog

Sea Change

Enter Without Desire

Night Passage

The Affair

Not My Thing

Third Strike

The Long Goodbye

The Professional

Mortal Stakes

Enter the Saint

Vulture is a Patient Bird

Gangdom`s Doom

The Glass Mountain

Burn Marks

The Saint Bids Diamonds (Thieves` Picnic)

Six Seconds to Kill