Hard Detective Books

No Score

The Shadow Laughs

Little Scarlet

Lady, Here`s Your Wreath

Dead End

Shoot It Again

King City

Black Money

This Way for a Shroud

B Is For Burglar

The Thin Man

The Chill

Split Image


The Ghost Makers

Call for the Saint

Figure it Out For Yourself (The Marijuana Mob)

Lead With Your Left

Never Say No To A Killer

The Case of Congressman Coyd

The Goodbye Look

The Saint in Miami

The Devil’s Horns

Lady—Here`s Your Wreath

Stalking The Angel

The Saint And The Fiction Makers

The Woman Aroused

Love`s Lovely Counterfeit

Three Blind Mice

Tell It To The Birds

Gone Fishin’

Alias The Saint

Figure it out for yourself

Red Harvest

The Shadow`s Justice

The Black Master

The Glass Mountain

The Saint Goes On

The Corpse Came Calling

A Is For Alibi

Million Dollar Handle

Trouble Is My Business

Caught Dead

The Melting Man

A Tan And Sandy Silence

Hard Time

The Saint on Guard

Deal Breaker

Vulture Is a Patient Bird

Jack Reacher`s Rules

The Empty Copper Sea

The Mobsmen On The Spot


Hidden Death

Michael Shayne`s Long Chance

The Lady In The Lake

Bad Luck and Trouble

An ace up my sleeve

Sin In Their Blood

The Big Kill

Last Seen Hitchhiking

Dead Stay Dumb

Hundred Dollar Baby

The Most Dangerous Dame

K Is For Killer

Heaven’s Prisoners

The Mike Hammer Collection

Guardian Angel

Six Seconds to Kill

The Glass Key

Thin Air

The Saint Closes the Case

Fletch Won

The Wycherly Woman

The Saint Bids Diamonds (Thieves` Picnic)

One Fearful Yellow Eye

El "Santo" contra El "Tigre"

Hell`s Siphon

Ueda Sensei. Solves Crimes of Depravity and Perversity

Mr. Mercedes

Time to Murder and Create

The Living Shadow

Tickets for Death

Find a Victim

The Fifth Face

Worth Dying For

Career of Evil

Trust The Saint

The Zebra-Striped Hearse

Gone Tomorrow

Night and Day

Not My Thing

N Is For Noose

The Barbarous Coast


The Chill

Hard Knocks

Nightmare Time

Troubled Blood

In the Midst of Death

Never Go Back

Light of the World

Painted Ladies

Everybody`s Watching Me

Honey in His Mouth

Hard as Nails

Double Play

The Ivory Grin

Purple Cane Road

The Men From the Boys

And the deep blue sea

God Save the Child

The Saint On Guard

The Brass Rainbow

The Shadow`s Shadow

Big city girl

13 The Saint Intervenes (Boodle)

U Is For Undertow

Nice Fillies Finish Last

The Saint Closes the Case (The Last Hero)

First Drop

The Silent Death


Prelude For War (The Saint Plays with Fire)

The Monkey`s Raincoat

Murder Round the Clock

The Dreadful Lemon Sky

The Saint Returns

A Taste for Violence

Guilty as Hell

Never Kill a Client

E Is for Evidence

Man on the Run

The Crime Cult

Chasing the Bear

Onion Street

Fast Buck


The Man From Shanghai

The Redeemers


The Comedy is Finished

Nothing to Lose

A Redhead for Mike Shayne

Miss Shumway Waves A Wand

So Lush, So Deadly


Knight Templar (The Avenging Saint)

Third Strike

Figure It Out for Yourself

The Broken Places

Dividend on Death

High Heat: A Jack Reacher Novella

The Saint Goes West

The Instant Enemy

The Ferguson Affair

Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief

Remember to Kill Me

Bad Business

Hose monkey

Even the Wicked

The Simple Art Of Murder

Killing Them Softly

The Careless Corpse

The Sky Walker

Lethal People: A Donovan Creed Crime Novel

Six Easy Pieces


One Minute Past Eight

With Intent to Kill

Hard As Nails

The Private Practice of Michael Shayne

Safer Dead

The Lost Ones

Fifth Victim

The House that Jack Built

Gone Tomorrow

A Coffin from Hong Kong

The Dain Curse

Little Easter

The Red Blot

The Red Menace

Fletch Reflected

Fletch and the Man Who

Stranger in Town


The James Deans

The Mourner

Armed… Dangerous…

Poodle Springs

The Affair

Win Some, Lose Some

Empty ever after

Hard Luck Grift

Tunnel Vision

The Long Lavender Look


The Guilty Are Afraid

Afraid Of A Gun and Other Stories

A Drop of the Hard Stuff