Police Detective Books

Death`s Jest-Book


The Glitter Dome

The Widow



A Cold Treachery

Over the High Side aka The Lovely Ladies

A Killing Winter

Suffer the Little Children

Saints of the Shadow Bible

Stolen Prey

The New Centurions

The Black Book

Death Toll

Pray for the Dying

The Secret of Annexe 3

Silent Prey

Cop Hater

On Beulah Height

The Jewel That Was Ours

Last Respects

Dead men’s hearts

Havana Gold

The Bone Vault

Last Seen Wearing

Private Investigations

The Last Fix

On The Grind

The Snack Thief

The Mermaids Singing

Rolling Thunder

Mulholland Dive: Three Stories


End In Tears

Death of a Dentist

Cold Kill

Frozen Grave

Ticket to Ride

Death of a Prankster


Raging Heat

Love You Dead

Death of a Dissident

The verge practice

For the Sake of Elena

The Double Silence

Invisible prey

No More Dying Then

The Secrets of Harry Bright

The Hundredth Man

With No One As Witness

In the Dark

The Black Dahlia

Icy Clutches

Murder in the Queen`s Armes

The Cold Moon

Death`s Jest-Book

Death of a Red Heroine

The Queen

Primal Instinct

Skeleton Hill

Mind prey

The Impossible Dead

The Marco Effect

Death Of A Russian Priest

Cold Is The Grave

Head Shot

The wood beyond


The Dark Place

The Viking Funeral

Vertical Coffin

A Piece of the Action

Friend of the Devil

Free Fall


Bad blood

The White Lioness

Vertical Coffin

Killing the Lawyers

Shadow Man

Bellows Falls

The Merry Misogynist

The Daughters of Cain

The investigators

The Sin Collector

Manhattan Is My Beat


The Hanging Valley

Triumph For Inspector West

Skinner`s rules

The Narrows

The Price of Butcher`s Meat

Grave Matters

Mirror Maze

City for Ransom

Pure Instinct

A Rush of Blood

A Long Shadow

The Rook

Cosi Fan Tutti

No trace

Thursday legends

Calling Out For You

The Tin Collector

Cold Hit


The Frozen Dead

The crazy kill

Good as Dead

The Dark Winter

The Dance of the Seagull

Shake Hands Forever

Diamond Solitaire

The Summons

The 1st Deadly Sin

The Marble Mask

Past Reason Hated

The Daughters of Cain

Friend of the Devil

The Delta Star


The Fifth Floor

The Choirboys

The Fifth Woman

White Sister

Lady Killer

A Fearsome Doubt

Tainted Blood

Skinner`s ordeal

Nothing to Hide

Hidden Moon

Final Edge

Black Knight in Red Square

Three Can Keep a Secret

The Potter`s Field

Death of a Scriptwriter

Death of a Cad

Missing Joseph

Last Rites

The Dogs of Riga

You Are Dead

The Hanging Valley

Faceless Killers

The Assassin

The Secrets of Harry Bright

Tropic of Night

Upon a Dark Night

Don`t Look Back

Bad Intentions

Enigma of China

Hard Landing


An Event in Autumn: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

A Killing kindness

Tooth and Nail


Tango One

The DeadHouse

Cripple Creek

Dead And Buried

Just a Corpse at Twilight

Diamond Dust

Death of a Witch

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

Off Minor

Death is Now My Neighbour

An Advancement of Learning

Rostnikov vacation

Red Bones

The Viking Funeral

Love Songs from a Shallow Grave

A Dedicated Man

The Jewel That Was Ours

In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner

Watchers of Time

The third Deadly Sin

Double Dealer

A Good day to die

Dancing With the Virgins

The Fifth Floor

Known Dead

Game Over

Standing in another`s man grave

The Black Ice

Death of a Charming Man

Missing Joseph

Blind Instinct

The Hanging Girl

The Stately Home Murder

A Long Shadow

The Stranglers Honeymoon

Extra Kill

The Traffickers

Uneasy Relations

An Advancement of Learning

The Fourth Figure


The Knight