Police Detective Books

The Empty Chair

Inmate 1577

From Bruges with Love

Child`s Play

Mercy aka The keeper of lost causes


The Chicago Way

Twenty blue devils

Dying to Sin


Solitude Creek

The Babes In The Woods

Hidden Moon

A Killing Winter


Hell Gate

The wood beyond

Finnegan`s Week

Body Line

Echoes in the Darkness

Death`s Door

Just One Evil Act

Deception on His Mind

Death Wore White

Heaven`s keep


Skinner`s festival

Head Shot

A Grave Talent

Knots And Crosses

Harm Done

The Face of Death

Death at La Fenice

Murder Being Once Done

Eight Black Horses

Watchers of Time

Three Can Keep a Secret

Ticket to Ride

Fellowship Of Fear

Unnatural Selection

If I Should Die

The Viking Funeral

Rough Treatment

Bellows Falls

Cop Hater

The Caller

Black Knight in Red Square

Cypress Grove

Hard Rain

Buried Prey


The Dog Who Bit a Policeman



A Sea of Troubles

The Secret of Annexe 3

Gideon’s Sport

Lethal Legacy

The Vanished Man

Mortal Causes

The Way Through the Woods

Icy Clutches

A Place Of Safety

Last Respects

Dead And Buried


Vertical Coffin

Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express

The Religious Body

Killer Heat

Blood and Rubles

A Highland Christmas

We All Fall Down

When The Devil Holds The Candle

Skeleton Dance

Killer`s Wedge

Mind prey

The Brass Verdict

Mulholland Dive: Three Stories

The Murderers

Frozen Grave

What Came Before He Shot Her

Acqua Alta

Cotton comes to Harlem

Shake Hands Forever

Shadow Man

The Viking Funeral


Wallander`s First Case

Mortal Fear

From Doon With Death

Lost Light

Gently With the Painters

Three Stations

The Red Door

The Man Who Went Up in Smoke

Game Over

The prostitutes ball

The Hanging Valley

A Killing kindness

The Bishop

The rat on fire

Death in Disguise


The Choirboys

A Private Cathedral

St. Albans Fire

The Last Dance

The Black Book

Grave Matters

The Case of the Petticoat Murder

Deadly Assets

The Secrets of Harry Bright


A Necessary End

Anarchy and the Old Dogs

The Skeleton`s knee

The Snack Thief

Storm prey

Copper River



The Mugger

Dead Souls

Body of Evidence



No trace

Unnatural Instinct

Legacy of the Dead

Cold Is The Grave

On The Grind

The Overlook


Hidden Depths

Don`t Look Back

On Beulah Height

Cold Hit

The Rook

A Garden of Vipers

Death of a Hussy

A Garden of Vipers

The Hanging Valley


Whack A Mole

The Confession


Hard Landing

Ten Plus One

Once Gone

Patience of the Spider

Skinner`s mission

Cold Hit


Likely To Die

Children of the Revolution

No More Dying Then

Because the night

Believing the Lie

The crazy kill

Mirror Maze

Killer`s Wedge

The Black Ice



Murder Being Once Done

Easy Meat

Still Waters

Night Prey


Borkman`s point

The investigators

Crime Machine

Midnight Fugue

The Secrets of Harry Bright

Where there`s a will

Death of a Red Heroine

Death of a Prankster

The Bone Vault

Hide & Seek

The third Deadly Sin

The Jewel That Was Ours


Tarnished Icons

Lieberman`s thief

The Given Day

The House Sitter


Dark Angel

Asking For The Moon

Rolling Thunder

The Keeper of Lost Causes

The Dream of The Broken Horses

The Empty Hours

A pinch of snuff

The Pusher

The Dogs of Riga

Final Edge

Shifting Skin

The Eye of The Leopard