Police Detective Books

The Kills

Proof of Guilt

The Maine Massacre

Unnatural Instinct

He Who Fears The Wolf

Suffer the Little Children

The Burning Girl

Winter Prey

The Brass Verdict

Eight Black Horses

Hail to the Chief

Death of a Dissident

The Pyramid

The Assassin

Death is Now My Neighbour

The Sin Collector

Not in the Flesh


Murder Being Once Done


Salt River

Black Skies

Sin City

Nightmare City

Lethal Legacy

White Jazz


Cold as Ice

The Cool Cottontail

Just a Corpse at Twilight

The Secret of Annexe 3

Close To Home (aka The Summer That Never Was)


Skeleton dance

Never Tell

Twisted Prey

A Necessary End

Hidden Depths

Unnatural Selection

The witch elm

Death of a Cad

Death Toll

White Sister


Death of a Snob

No More Dying Then

The Pusher


The Troubled Man

The Weeping Girl

The Shape of Water

The King of the Rainy Country

Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express


A Private Cathedral

Cold Is The Grave

Men In Blue

Taming the Alien

Dialogues of the Dead

The Fifth Floor

Killer`s Wedge


Believing the Lie


Deception on His Mind


Good Morning, Midnight

A Long December

A Long Shadow

Unnatural Selection

Good Blood

Death of a Dreamer

The Wood Beyond


The Rook

Death of a Gentle Lady

The dead of Jericho

All shot up

Uniform Justice

The Fifth Woman

The Skin Collector

A Rush of Blood

The Speaker of Mandarin

Play To Kill

The Babes In The Woods

Mind`s eye

One Step Behind

Wednesday`s Child

A Corpse in the Koryo

The Vanished Man

A Ghost in the Machine

Bangkok Haunts


Murder In The Queen`s armes

The Rattle-Rat

Fat Ollie`s Book

The Frozen Dead

Child`s Play

The Overlook

Good Morning, Midnight

Bad Moon Rising

Upon a Dark Night

Set in Darkness

Hidden Prey

Head Shot

Cutting Edge

The House Sitter

The Potter`s Field


Vertical Coffin

The Veiled One

In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner

The G File

The Disposable Man


Skinner’s round

Blood At The Root

The Traffickers

Strike Out Where Not Applicable

Hour Of Darkness

The Hanging Valley

An Event in Autumn: A Kurt Wallander Mystery

The Cold Moon

Don`t Look Back

A Darker Shade of Blue

Put on by Cunning


A Case of Two Cities

Cypress Grove

Stolen Prey

The Kill Call

Death of a Poison Pen

One Damn Thing after Another aka Arlette

Whack A Mole


Death`s Door

Hanging Valley

The Devil’s Edge

Cop Hater

Fleshmarket Close

Fatal Last Words

He Who Hesitates

The Blue Knight

The Golden Orange

The Burning Room

Shake Hands Forever

22 Dead Little Bodies

Through a Glass, Darkly

Love Songs from a Shallow Grave

Naked Prey

Facing Justice

Dead And Buried

Written in Blood

Mortal Prey

With No One As Witness

Rolling Thunder


The Smoky Corridor

Night Prey

Hard Landing

Living Proof

Lethal Investments

Fallen Gods

The Remorseful Day

Missing Joseph

The Tin Collector

Last Breath

The Fourth Deadly Sin

The 1st Deadly Sin



Lonely Hearts

Icy Clutches

Blind Instinct

Once Gone

Hard Rain

Murder Being Once Done

A Guilty Thing Surprised

The Secrets of Harry Bright

The Bone Vault


Love You Dead

Case Pending

Cold Hit

Strip Jack

Dead Before Dying


Angels Flight

Under World

Deadly Assets

Death of a Hussy

Red Bones

Borkman`s point

The Deliveryman: A Lincoln Rhyme Short Story

Broken Prey

The Big Nowhere

Fall of a Cosmonaut

The Steel Kiss

The Malcontenta

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn