Police Detective Books

Manhattan Is My Beat

Patience of the Spider

The Man on the Balcony

Blood Lines

Bad Intentions

Inspector Zang and the disappearing drugs

The Burning Girl

The Choirboys

The Mao Case

The Case of the Russian Diplomat

The Hanging Hill

Cold Hit

The Last Big Job

An Unkindness of Ravens

The Speaker of Mandarin

Hollywood Tough

Rough Treatment


Last Respects



The Secret Hangman

Hidden Witness

Nothing to Hide

He Who Hesitates

The Empty Chair

Whack A Mole


The Hanging Girl

A Suitable Vengeance

A Test of Wills

The Black Ice

In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner

Just a Corpse at Twilight

The Shape of Water

Cotton comes to Harlem

Long Time No See

Written in Blood

The Darker Side

The Bangkok Asset

The Dance of the Seagull

Three Can Keep a Secret

Invisible prey

The Vigilantes

Cold in Hand

Want To Play? (Monkeewrench)

Eight Black Horses

Three Shirt Deal

Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye: True Stories From the Case Files of Warren Olson

Fat Ollie`s Book

Death of a Witch

Three Stations

Cypress Grove

Dark of the Moon

Fellowship of Fear

The Keeper of Lost Causes

Murder Mile

Hidden Depths

The Traffickers

Death of a Gossip

Murder in the Queen`s Armes

Stalin’s Ghost

The Golden Egg

In A Dark Wood

Morse’s Greatest Mystery and other stories

Death of a Glutton

The Fifth Woman

The Other Half

Lethal Investments

Icy Clutches

Valley of Bones

Once Gone

In the Dark


The Dead Place


When The Devil Holds The Candle

Enigma of China

A Long Silence aka Aupres de ma Blonde

Brass Monkey

Grave Instinct

Blood Lines

Don`t Cry, Tai Lake

Hollywood Tough

The Hanging Valley

The Black Echo

Calling Out For You

Death Comes fot the Fat Man

Cripple Creek

Winter Prey

Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

Cop to Corpse

Cold Burn

Likely To Die

A Private Cathedral

The Dangerous Game


Death of a Prankster

Silken Prey

The Surrogate Thief

The Babes In The Woods

Pray for the Dying

Dialogues of the Dead

Body Line

The Tin Collector

Dead And Buried

Hollywood Hills

Raging Heat

Fat Ollie`s Book

Dark Mirror


Johnny Get Your Gun

Old Bones

The Chicago Way

The Fourth Man

On The Grind

Skinner`s Rules

The Red Door

Dead Men`s Hearts

Eyes of Prey

Death of a Snob

Lady Killer

Bad Moon Rising

Never Tell

Dying to Sin

Strike Out Where Not Applicable

Skeleton Dance

The Third Wexford Omnibus

Money, Money, Money

Skinner’s round

Strange Affair


The Stately Home Murder


A Guilty Thing Surprised

Sadie When She Died

Deception on His Mind

The Eye of The Leopard


Vulture Peak

Open season

Trunk Music

Death of a Dustman

Tucker Peak

The Beat Goes On

The meanest cop in the World

The Concrete Blonde

Playing With Fire


In the Presence of the Enemy

From Doon With Death

The Fourth Figure

Hide And Seek

A Corpse in the Koryo


Save The Last Dance For Me

Hollywood Hills

A Long Shadow

Wolf to the Slaughter

Gideon’s Sport

The Cool Cottontail

Road Rage

The Coroner`s Lunch

End In Tears

Dead Before Dying

Pictures of Perfection

Truth Lies Bleeding

The Last Fix

Gallows Lane


Hidden prey

Well-Schooled in Murder

Blind Instinct

Close to Home

The Daughters of Cain

Skinner`s festival

The Maine Massacre



A Necessary End

Tooth and Nail

The Last Dance

The Jewel That Was Ours

The Glitter Dome

Kiss and Die

Death`s Door

The sniper`s wife


The Hundredth Man

Believing the Lie

Tarnished Icons

Don`t Look Back

McBain`s Ladies Too: More Women of the 87th Precinct

A Sleeping Life

The Caller

The Dog Who Bit a Policeman

With No One As Witness

White sister

The Given Day

Set in Darkness