Military History Books

Armies of Ivan the Terrible: Russian Troops 1505-1700

M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers 1942-53

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb

Armies of the Baltic Independence Wars 1918-20

World War II Soviet Armed Forces (3) 1944-45

Hitler`s Tank Destroyers

Armies of the Medieval Italian Wars 1125-1325

Panther vs T-34: Ukraine 1943

Around the World Submerged: The Voyage of the Triton

The Battle for the Ukraine: The Red Army`s Korsun`-Shevchenkovskii Offensive, 1944

Where the Iron Crosses Grow

Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War

British Destroyer vs German Destroyer: Narvik 1940

Tsushima 1905: Death of a Russian Fleet

Gustaf Mannerheim

Sherman Medium Tank 1942-45

The SU-152 and Related Vehicles

Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerika Bomber

Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America

The Battle for the Falklands


Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers

Medieval Russian Armies 1250-1500

Soviet Lend-Lease Tanks of World War II

German Infantryman versus Soviet Rifleman: Barbarossa 1941

The Composite Bow

The Crimean War: A History

Gebirgsjäger versus Soviet Sailor: Arctic Circle 1942-44

Armies of the War of the Pacific 1879-83: Chile, Peru & Bolivia

The Dam Busters

Belorussia 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study

The Stalin and Molotov Lines: Soviet Western Defences 1928-41

The Anti-Tank Rifle

Scram!: The Gripping First-hand Account of the Helicopter War in the Falklands

Sevastopol 1942: Von Manstein`s Triumph

Napoleon`s Polish Troops

Storm of Steel

The Luger

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

World War II Soviet Armed Forces (2) 1942-43

The Longbow

Falaise: The Flawed Victory - The Destruction of Panzergruppe West, August 1944

Before the Fallout

The Forgotten Soldier

Joining Hitler`s Crusade: European Nations and the Invasion of the Soviet Union, 1941

German Field Fortifications 1939–45

Soviet Paratrooper versus Mujahideen Fighter: Afghanistan 1979-89

Imjin River 1951: Last Stand of the `Glorious Glosters`

Panzer Ace: The Memoirs of an Iron Cross Panzer Commander from Barbarossa to Normandy

Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18

Polikarpov I-15, I-16 and I-153 Aces

Mutiny: The True Events That Inspired The Hunt for Red October


The Lewis Gun

Armies of Medieval Russia 750-1250

Hitler`s Russian & Cossack Allies 1941-45

Israeli F-15 Eagle Units in Combat

The Battle for Moscow

Superguns 1854-1991: Extreme Artillery from the Paris Gun and the V-3 to Iraq`s Project Babylon

Kiev 1941: Hitler`s Battle for Supremacy in the East

British Battle Tanks: British-made Tanks of World War II

Slovakian and Bulgarian Aces of World War 2

Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer

Israeli Paratroopers 1954-2016

Panzer 38(t) vs BT-7: Barbarossa 1941

Soviet Conquest: Berlin 1945

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Mutiny: The True Events That Inspired The Hunt for Red October

The Czech Legion 1914-20

American Crimes and the Liberation of Paris: Robbery, Rape and Murder by Renegade GIs, 1944-1947

The Khazars: A Judeo-Turkish Empire on the Steppes, 7th - 11th Centuries AD

Malta 1940-1942: The Axis` Air Battle for Mediterranean Supremacy

German Automatic Rifles 1941-45: Gew 41, Gew 43, FG 42 and StG 44

Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45

Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Italian Light Tanks: 1919-45

Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt

Sink the Tirpitz 1942-44: The RAF and Fleet Air Arm Duel with Germany`s Mighty Battleship

Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter: From the Battle for Moscow to Hitler`s Bunker

Sink the Belgrano

Spanish Republican Aces

Georgy Zhukov

Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1943-1945: Red Steamroller

Death Traps: The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II

The Atlantic Wall (2): Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

American Aces Against the Kamikaze

Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1943-1945: Red Steamroller


The `Hermann Göring` Division

Operation Typhoon: Hitler`s March on Moscow, October 1941

Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Sparviero Bomber Units

A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret History of Gas and Germ Warfare

Adventures in My Youth: A German Soldier on the Eastern Front, 1941-45

Soviet Submachine Guns of World War II: PPD-40, PPSh-41 and PPS

World War II Soviet Armed Forces (1) 1939-41

Zhukov`s Greatest Defeat: The Red Army`s Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942

The Atlantic Wall (1): France

Italian Medium Tanks: 1939-45

Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety

Where the Iron Crosses Grow

M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural: Operation Desert Storm 1991

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-F series

Croatian Aces of World War 2

Katyusha: Russian Multiple Rocket Launchers, 1941 - Present

Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: Red Army

The Kuban 1943: The Wehrmacht`s Last Stand in the Caucasus

Demyansk 1942-43: The Frozen Fortress

Aircraft Carriers at War: A Personal Retrospective of Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet Confrontation

The Russian Civil War 1918-22

Tank Wrecks of the Eastern Front 1941-1945

Moscow 1941: Hitler`s First Defeat

The Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905

Dornier Do 335

Polish Armor of the Blitzkrieg

A German Officer in Occupied Paris: The War Journals, 1941-1945

Soviet Field Fortifications 1941–45

British Battle Tanks: US-made Tanks of World War II

Lawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia

Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941-44

Red Storm on the Reich: The Soviet March on Germany, 1945

British Light Tanks 1927-45: Marks I-VI

Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-D series

T-26 Light Tank: Backbone of the Red Army

Red Christmas: The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942

Infamy. Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath