Detective Books

Merry, Merry Ghost

Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm

Identity Crisis

Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

Ghost at Work

Assassins Play Off

The Adventure of the Greenbriar Ghost

The Suspect Genome

Re-enter Dr Fu Manchu

The Last Rakosh

Lost Yesterday

Time and Again

The Domino Men

Lost Yesterday

Timber Line

The Well of Lost Plots

Wicked Bronze Ambition


A Talent For War

Judgment Day

Deadly Genes

Acid Rock

Shadows over Baker Street

The strange affair of Spring-heeled Jack

Thraxas Under Siege (ARC)

The Return of the Discontinued Man

The Third Claw of God


Dangerous Games

Bottom Line

The Dagger in the Desk

Too Many Magicians

Market Force

Straw Men

Ship Of Death

Fatal Error

With a Little Help

Emissaries from the Dead

Killer Karma

Slave Safari

Octavia Gone


Edie Investigates

First Grave on the Right

The Empty Grave

Sole Survivor

Sweet and Deadly

Summit Chase

Irontown Blues

The Mister Trophy

The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

High Priestess

Death Therapy

Thraxas and the Ice Dragon

Four Walls


Date with Death

The Last Temple

Angry White Mailmen

Brain Storm

Battle Ground

All the Rage

Missing Link

Lockwood & Co. The Creeping Shadow



The Tomb (Repairman Jack)

Return Engagement

Line of Succession

A Talent for War

The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell

Murder`s Shield

Down in The Bottomlands (and Other Places)

Killing Time

Encounter Group

The Big Over Easy

Sue Me

Terminal Transmission


Child`s Play

Thraxas and the Elvish Isles

Look Into My Eyes

Thraxas and the Oracle

Dead Man Walking

The Final Reel

Unnatural Selection

Mr Sigerson

Total Recall

Wolf`s Bane

The Shining Girls

Fool`s Gold

Cruel Zinc Melodies

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

Bamboo Dragon

Infernal Revenue

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

Daughter of Fu Manchu

White Water

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump

Midnight Man

The Wrong Stuff

Fade to Black

In Enemy Hands

The Final Crusade

The City and The City

The Stainless Steell Rat Sings the Blues

Hold The Dark

A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born

The Haunted Air

Sweet Silver Blues

Unite and Conquer

Something rotten

Last War Dance

Second Grave on the Left

The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World

Shadows of Self

The Somnambulist

Created, The Destroyer

Shock Value

Lords of the Earth

Sweet Dreams

Bidding War

The Wrath of Fu Manchu

Mugger Blood


Disloyal Opposition

Lost in a Good Book

The Yiddish Policemen`s Union

The Reality Investigators

Thin Air

Omega point

Ground Zero

The Dracula Tape

In The House Of Secret Enemies


The Legendary Detectives II: 8 Classic Novelettes Featuring the World

Skin Game

Target of Opportunity

The Shadow of Fu Manchu

Burden of Proof

Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations

Killer Chromosomes

Failing Marks

Golden State

Dr Quake

Unpopular Science

The Stainless Steel Rat`s Revenge

Feeding Frenzy

Mafia Fix

The Color of Fear

Something Rotten

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

Brown River Queen

The Stainless Steel Rat

An Incident At Bloodtide

The Fourth Bear

Engines of Destruction

An Old Fashioned War

Blue Smoke and Mirrors

The Big Over Easy

Killing Time

The Cold Smell Of Sacred Stone

Jade Dragon

The Stainless Steel Rat for President

Balance Of Power

Emissaries from the Dead

A Touch of Fever

The Island of Fu Manchu

The Peculiar

Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase

The End of the Beginning


Firing Line

Ghost in Trouble (2010)

Gunpowder Moon

The Broken Bell

Bay City Blast

Dark Angel - After the Dark

Blood Of Angels

The Night Sessions

Shadows over Baker Street

The Demolished Man

Binding Ties


Union Bust

Rule of Evidence

Associates of Sherlock Holmes

The Holmes-Dracula File

The curious case of the Clockwork Man

First Among Sequels

The Woman Who Died a Lot

Mr Penumbra`s 24 Hour Bookstore

Oil Slick


Never Say Die

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Greenbriar Ghost

The Lonely Dead

The Stainless Steel Rat`s Revenge

Dying Space

Kill Or Cure