Thriller Books

The Covenant Of The Flame

Cold War

The Sacred Sword

Sleeping Beauties

The Mercenary

The Geneva Deception


By Blood Written

Thorpe`s Candle

The 8th Confession

The Triggerman Dance

The Secret Speech



The Madness Underneath

Crusader`s Gold

Paper Money

The Suspect

A Murder of Quality

The Library of Shadows

The Burnt House

Killer Smile

The Russian Renaissance

Blood Vengeance

The Reversal

The Einstein Papers

The Steel Shark

Executive Power

The Mist

Cold Choices

No Humans Involved

The First Rule

Clean Break

Blood Money


Hidden Depths

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Volume 2

24 Declassified: Collateral Damage

Silent Sea

The Outkast

Divine Misdemeanors

Nothing lasts forever

Case Histories

The Crime Writer

Every Pretty Thing

The Boys from Santa Cruz

Silent Partner

The Taking

So Sure Of Death

Midnight Rambler

Dead Men`s Harvest

Woman of the Dead: A Thriller

The Twenty-Seventh City : A Novel

The Defector

Red Metal

Show of Evil

Blue Belle

Drug of Choice

Patriot Games

On, Off


Blue on Black

The Rift

THE TUNNEL: A Ben Hope Story

Bering Strait

The Quest

A Murder of Quality


An Act of Treason

Play Dead

Tapping the Source

Into the Black

Murders` Row

Battlefield China


Theodore Boone: The Activist

The Obsidian Chamber

Time Bomb


Second Shot


Roadside Crosses

Sting of the Drone

Seawolf: Mask of Command

Flesh And Blood

The Illuminatus! Trilogy

The Blue Nowhere

The Player

Darwin`s Blade

The Financial Lives Of the Poets

The Great Zoo of China

The Burying Place

Barracuda 945

The Law of Nines

Targets of Opportunity

Target Omega

Blood Atonement

Arctic Gambit

The Serpent`s Kiss

This Green Hell

The Whisperer

Jack Reacher and the Christmas Scorpion

False Mermaid

Deeper Than the Dead

The First Rule

The Mountain

Acts of Vengeance

The Narrows

The Diamond Hunters

Arctic Front

The Secret Place

The Lazarus Strain

Twenty-Seven Bones

Out of the Dark

The Black Ice

Silent Treatment

The Twelve

The Mahogany Ship

The Tehran Initiative

The Neighbor


Exposed: A Thriller Novella

The Innocent

Truth or Die

Dead Like You

Pawns of the Pacific

I, Said the Spy

Scorpion Winter

Hell`s Corner

The Patriots` Club

The Switch

Fly by Night

Dead Scared

Day of the Cheetah

The God`s Eye View

Dead and Buried

Hidden Agendas

The Alexandria Link

The Cloud Maker

The Wine of Angels

The End Game



The Whiskey Rebel

State Of Fear

Extreme Faction

The Chemist

Cold Wind

First Response

Jericho 3

And the Tide Turns

Mount Dragon


Flight 12: A Jonathan Quinn Thriller

Project Aura

Guilty Minds

Rules of Prey


Rogue Code

Patient Zero

Bad Love


The Border Lords

Living with the Dead

Body of Evidence

The President is Missing

Dead Men

Operation Hail Storm

Black Mountain


The Tiger and the Dragon

Stone Rain

Fuzzy Navel

The Slime Beast

Die Again

Natural Causes

Sister: A Novel

The Obstacle Course

Wings of Fire

The Sacred Blood

Blood Money

The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries And Impossible Crimes

The Vault of Hercules

The Last Surgeon


Chasing the Dead

Seas of Crisis

The Overlook

The Wuhan Mission

The Prayer of the Night Shepherd

Hidden Agendas

Secret Circles

Red Sun Rogue

The Templar Cross

Make Her Pay

The Cardinal of the Kremlin


Beautiful Ruins

The Thomas Berryman Number

16 Souls