Thriller Books


Day Zero

All the Devils

True Conviction

Lost Echoes

The Body of David Hayes

The Big Nowhere

Time to Hunt

The Predators

One Door Away From Heaven

Pact of the Fathers

The Einstein Girl

The Midnight Line

The Lazarus Vault

Live by Night

Evil Deeds


The Two Dead Girls

Strike Force Alpha

Cold Fire

The Isle of Blood

The Alchemist

The Beast

Echo Park

The Hunted

Face Off

Voyage of the Devilfish

Callsign: King

The Girl on the Train

Hunter`s Games

City of Screams

Black Dragon

Wolf Lake


War of Thieves

Just Cause

Fatal Thunder

The Escape

No Rest for the Dead

Mercy 6

Patient Zero

Place of Execution

Foreign Agent

Slaughterhouse High

Eyes of the Hammer

Dive to Oblivion

Blood Money

The Bach Manuscript



The Midas Code

The Calm Before The Swarm

The Dig

The Chemistry of Death

Inca Kings

Forbidden Game 1 - The Hunter

The Unlikely Spy

The Coffin Ship

Seawolf: End Game

Playing Dead

Moonlight mile

Every Three Hours

The Sea King’s Daughter

The Blue Zone

The Night of the Generals

Puppet Master

Locked Doors

The Forgotten Room


Mortal Fear

The Library of Shadows

Bright Star

SOAR: A Black Ops Novel

Code to Extinction

the Third Twin

The Vengeful Virgin

Third Degree


The Titian Committee

Found money

Cross Fire


The World Beneath

The Martyr’s Curse


Tempting Fate

Fifth Victim

Blood Runs Cold


Casket For Sale

Call to Treason

Blind side

Operation Ivy Bells: A Novel of the Cold War

Sword of Allah

The Murder Artist

Shall We Tell the President?

The Medusa Stone

The Nearest Exit

The Bear and the Dragon

Spear of Destiny

The Deliveryman: A Lincoln Rhyme Short Story

Holding the Zero

That’s How I Roll

The Oracle Code

The Complete Navarone

Blood Dreams

Hollow City

Shadow Hunter

Hour of the Hunter

In Their Footsteps

The Last Place

Against All Enemies

The Quickie

Blood of War

Break No Bones

The Firefly

Extraordinary Retribution

Shadow Command

Threat Level Black

First degree



Miracle On the 17th Green


Hanging Hill

Full Moon City

Witch & Wizard

The Last Innocent Man

24 Declassified: Trojan Horse

The Carriage House

The Kill Call

Dexter Is Dead

Ghost Force

Suicide Run: Three Harry Bosch Stories

The Twelfth Tablet

Deception aka Sanctum

Enigmatic Pilot

American Assassin


The King of Torts

Marked Man

A Kiss Before Dying

The Lemur

Storm prey

Blue Genes

Hunting Badger


Three shirt deal

The Whole Truth

Fly by Wire

The King`s Deception

The Templar Conspiracy

Pandora`s grave

Alex Cross`s Trial


The Hunt for Excalibur

The Last Jihad

The Gods of Guilt

Blind to the bones

Name Witheld


Nimitz Class

Brute Force

Dearly Devoted Dexter


Crack Down

Jungle Of Steel And Stone


The Last 10 Seconds

Home Run

Hell To Pay

The Genesis Secret


Show of Force

Close to the Bone

Shadows of Steel

Blood Hunt

The Final Solution: A Story of Detection

The Fire Witness

The Judas Strain

Tiger`s Claw

Full Wolf Moon

Cages and Those Who Hold the Keys


City of Night


Scarpetta`s Winter Table

City of Fear

Play Dead

The Salati Case

The Key


The Excalibur Key



Full Force and Effect

Where There`s Smoke

Book Club

Paper Money

Trunk Music