Game development outsourcing

The developers at GameDev are gamers first and foremost. And not necessarily hardcore. Just people who love games. Many people start by trying to make their own project or modification for their favorite game, and the hobby develops into a profession.

Someone manages to figure it out on their own, go to Indie and create a full-fledged product. More often, novice developers collect developments in a portfolio, with which they come to potential employers.

There are three types of developers who are starting to develop in game development:

  • Graduates of technical universities without work experience
  • Experienced developers without knowledge of the specifics of the engine

Novice programmers with experience with the engine
The easiest way to get into development without experience is by working for some time in other departments of the company.

Normally game development agency focuses on games for various engines and platforms. It can be an application for a phone, a social network, or a computer. This explains the essence of the profession, a game developer is the one who develops games. However, this concept hides a lot of narrower specializations.

The gaming industry today attracts many developers and IT specialists. The direction is really interesting, moreover, promising in terms of salary. The profession of a game developer is in demand in the labor market. If you want to have a hand in something big, why not get involved in the development of a game that will captivate millions of users around the world? The GameDev industry comprises a number of subtypes, including game development outsourcing, different programming languages, game mechanics ​​and styles.