How many likes does it take to get to the top of Instagram?

Many users, from bloggers to entrepreneurs, dream about the popularity of Instagram. One of the most important points for the recognition of the audience of users is to get into the top of the best. Such a position will not only enhance the reputation, but is also an attraction of new subscribers and customers.

What is the top of Instagram

The algorithms of getting to the ordinary subscribers and even experts do not fully own. The selection of interesting entries, photos and videos is done by professional Facebook employees, who improve the program, the search for the necessary information so that subscribers can get acquainted with the “TOP” positions, “interesting” and “recommended”.

Before understanding what a hit algorithm is, it is better to start with the theoretical part, which will explain the basic nuances.

A simple example will help to understand.

Before making an order for a certain product in an online store, you can sort the product, thanks to the filters that exist in the program – price and popularity. If the buyer is not interested in the financial issue, and he wants to get only quality product, he is interested in the popularity filter, which will make a selection of the most popular and popular products. The program will sort and first give out the “Sales Hits” that have the most reviews and purchases. As you scroll down the page, the items with less and less popularity will gradually pop up.

The same thing happens in the top of Instagram – the best posts with comments and likes in large numbers are selected.

How to get to the top of Instagram and what you can get out of it

There is a perception that this position on the network is a welcome door, which opens the way to popularity and recognition. Once in the position “Recommended”, “Top”, “Interesting”, there is a chance to get dozens or even hundreds of new subscribers. The magic is that once they are in the favorites, they are found quickly, and most of them stay for a long time.

But in order for the audience to come to the desired account, and not a competitor who is also in the top position, you need to work hard on the content. Published photos of the account in the top should be attractive and look more interesting than those of competitors, so first of all you should pay attention to their quality.

Who benefits from being in the top:

  • Commercial pages. This position opens up new opportunities in commerce.
  • Community administrators. Increases the audience.
  • Bloggers. Especially important for beginners who dream of a large number of subscribers, which will lead to earnings on the Internet.

So, the top is a great opportunity to make yourself known to a multi-million audience, which means increasing the level of the account and getting the desired subscribers.

How to get to the top of publications on Instagram

When you enter your profile, the current feed shows recommendations in the form of photos and videos that have gathered a large number of likes and comments. How to rank them can be figured out with a simple example.

You select two topics, such as #knitting and #fashion, and you can see how the photos with the maximum number of likes are ranked in the top 9 by hashtag. In the same way, you can look at absolutely any hashtag and check the photos in the top publications by it.

It is better to start with a simple description of how to bring a publication to the top of Instagram or by hashtag to the top 9.

Practice shows that in order to bring the content together with hashtags to a high level, the latter should be changed periodically, which increases the chance of getting into the favorites and attract a new audience to the account.

How to push your publication in the TOP

The first step is to gather popular hashtags (it is recommended to use thematic ones). You should not put a caption to the photos that does not fit the meaning. For example, if the picture shows a cup of coffee, a perfect fit: #coffee, #morningcoffee and so on. Next, you need to make a large selection of the most appropriate (not less than 30) and save them in the phone memory, notes, documents, and so on.

Each phone may have its own operating system. By changing hashtags every 5 minutes, the published material collects likes. By getting these cherished ratings, the photo becomes popular and climbs a level higher, which can lead to the top 9. The downside is that if the photo doesn’t manage to get the required number of likes in a short period of time, the publication won’t make it to the top.


  • a photo is selected, edited;
  • the entry and hashtag are added;
  • is published;
  • wait 5 minutes (approximate time);
  • the picture appears in the feed;
  • go to the picture, in the top corner click on the three dots;
  • choose the menu “change”;
  • opens the previously created name of the photo;
  • the first hashtag is deleted and the next one, which was previously prepared and saved in the phone, is written;
  • repeat this several times.

Such manipulation increases the visibility of the content and its popularity. The result will depend on the correct selection of hashtags and the number of collected likes.

You can bring videos to the top of Instagram using the same method as pictures. To get into the “Recommended”, you can also use appropriate tags

How many likes do you need to collect to get to the top of Instagram
It’s no secret that photos that have at least 200 likes get to the top, and most often even thousands. Looking at the summaries of popularity for the past year, the leading positions of photos and videos have millions of ratings and thousands of comments. Famous brands and television stars reach such heights.

A few tips on how to get to the top of Instagram

How to get to the top is an unsolved mystery. Analyzing the publications, you can guess that it is a matter of high activity of commenters under the post for 30 minutes, and sometimes even 1 minute. How high the activity should be, we can only guess, which means that in order to achieve the goal, you will have to work a little harder:

First of all, you need to analyze the quality of the content. People who are gaining their popularity by buying likes, are unlikely to get quality results. Therefore, it is necessary to win subscribers with interesting content on the page in Instagram.

The right selection of hashtags. The more popular the tag turns out to be, the more chances to reach the top.

The time of publication plays an important role. According to statistics, the peak of attendance is at:

  • 12, 15, 21 hours – weekdays;
  • 10, 20, 23 hours – weekends;
  • 17, 18 hours – the end of the working day.
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Geolocation plays a significant role. People pay attention to it, because they are interested in everything secret.

Instagram is a foreign site, and it’s foreigners who get the most out of it. Russian people are more straightforward, so they like to look for the easiest ways, which are often tied to buying followers and likes. But foreigners are more economical. The essence of their account promotion is that they initially write a full description and all the hashtags under the publication. Then the first half is deleted, and the second is transferred to the comments. After that, a third part of the hashtags is inserted into the description, which triggers the next wave of likes. This way, people aren’t intimidated by the abundance of tags, and at the same time the likes will come from each of them.

Services for getting to the top

Unfortunately, there are no such services that are able to raise publications to the top positions. If you come across people who promise to reveal the secret, how to get to the top in a short time, you should bypass them, because they are crooks. Help can only be from professionals in the promotion of the account – copywriters and photographers who will help create high-quality posts, make a plan of their publications and ways of reaching network users. Another option is to use online services to push Instagram likes and comments like

It is possible to reach the top with cheated likes?

You can reach the top of Instagram with fanned likes, but there’s little point in doing so. Stake scores will be disinterested people or even bots. If the goal is to promote the business, the accrual is a pointless activity that can even ruin your reputation and scare away your followers.


To get to the top of Instagram is not so difficult, the main thing is to prepare high-quality information in the form of a photo or video clip and tags. If the user has already been able to gather an interesting and active audience and has learned to understand the tags, the posts can become top very often. Such a trend can be seen with sports celebrities, movie stars, singers and bloggers.