How much do you get paid for 1 million views on YouTube

To create a channel on YouTube is a matter of a few minutes, and to promote it and become famous is a matter of several years, and sometimes of a lifetime.

I developed my YouTube video game channel for several years, but I gave up because it was taking too long. And my friends continued to develop their channels, and now they have tens of thousands of subscribers and a stable income.

It is very curious to know how much YouTube pays for 1000 views in 2021, but it is much more pleasant to know how to double this amount on your channel.

We will focus on this. I will tell everything on my own examples with statistics, how much I myself earned on YouTube.

And here it’s not even a matter of what topic you shoot videos or in what language or whether did you purchase high retention YouTube views or not.

The trick here is exactly what you sell. In fact, your product on YouTube is the attention of your viewers. And it’s where you put that attention that determines how much you make.

For clarity, an example with the sale of a car: you can sell Lanos, or you can BMW. The actions are the same, but the result is very different for you.

And this is exactly what we will talk about: where and how to sell the attention of your audience, so that they remain grateful to you, and while you earn 2 times more.

What does YouTube pay for and at what expense?

You understand that it is not YouTube itself that pays you. In fact, entrepreneurs order advertisements from him. They pay for advertising and some of the money goes to you.

In order to connect to monetization, you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watching your videos in total. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100.

In the video, I show different ad formats and which ones give the most money.

All payments are made once a month automatically to the card. The amount of earnings from advertising depends on the topic of the channel and on the region.

And now the most interesting thing is why we are all gathered here today!

How much can you earn with YouTube?

As with any creative activity, there is no upper or lower limit to earnings on YouTube. To start earning at least something, you will have to invest a lot of time, effort and money on promoting your channel. But it can pay off with interest.

In my experience, channels start to make good money after they gain 100 thousand subscribers – they start to turn to the owners of such channels with offers to place advertisements. According to the most rough estimates, every thousand subscribers brings the owner of the channel at least $ 10 per month.

What does earnings depend on?

Niche specifics. Often, the paying capacity of the audience is more important than its size. There are tens of millions of subscribers on channels with children’s cartoons, but the advertiser will most likely go to the channel about investments, which has 10 thousand subscribers.

The situation is the same with contextual advertising: the more paying the viewers, the more the channel owner will be paid for an impression or click.

Video quality. It is not necessary to have a professional camera and an expensive microphone to attract viewers to a channel. Modern smartphones shoot quite high quality, they can also handle video with dignity.

The main thing is to make sure that the video does not have a technical defect: sound distortions, echoes, defocused images. In my opinion, the sound quality is even more important than the image quality: many people put the video in the background and do not really look at the screen.

Knowing what you’re talking about, communicating with your audience, and coming up with interesting formats will give you a bigger edge than lighting or editing.

Regularity of channel updates. The regularity of the release of new videos depends on the workload of the author and the quality of the content. A video with funny moments from the game can be made in a day, and a blog from a trip will have to be edited in a week.

In my experience, the regularity of the release has a big impact on the views. If you release videos every day, and then take a break for a week, then, most likely, views will drop and will recover for several months to their previous values.

If you’re planning to go on vacation, it’s best to have a release plan ahead of time, make a video, and set up a delayed release on YouTube. To do this, upload a video and select Schedule Publishing on the Access Settings tab. A good idea can be to buy Youtube live streaming views for future instant premieres.

The quality of monetization. If the video meets the monetization rules, YouTube will display ads on it. For this, he will share part of the profits with the author.

Many advertisers monitor their reputation, so they don’t want their ads to appear in questionable videos. If the video is about gambling, weapons or tobacco, then YouTube will include limited monetization. Usually, these ads are cheaper, so the author will receive less money.

If YouTube’s algorithms consider that advertising in a video is unacceptable for advertisers, then monetization will be turned off and the author will not earn anything. For example, monetization will be turned off if the video contains shocking footage or conspiracy theories.