How to build LinkedIn connections

The total number of users and their activity, of course, decreased, but at the same time, the social network received a kind of “specification”, becoming an excellent platform for companies that want to work with foreign partners. Entering a foreign market is especially important for IT companies, since their products are much easier to cross borders. Moreover, the LinkedIn audience itself has grown significantly in recent years and is about 675 million against 500 million in 2017.

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  • LinkedIn has the ability to fine-tune the target down to a specific person to show them an exclusive offer. In addition, the audience can be segmented in such a way as to show the most relevant ads.
  • On the site there is an opportunity to meet and reach out to people who cannot be reached “in the cold”. This opens up great opportunities for finding customers and partners.
  • The resource is not overwhelmed with advertisements, so the credibility of it remains.
  • LinkedIn shows a company with a human face, which is important in today’s information field.
  • LinkedIn is an important growth point and distance from competitors that don’t maintain a social media account.


LinkedIn is considered to be a recruiting company, but according to the statistics of the service itself, content posts happen 15 times more often than job postings. People share their professional successes, companies talk about new achievements and participation in conferences. So, if you want to buy LinkedIn followers – ibuyfans is a great opportunity to do it. Otherwise, you can also try the promotion techniques described in this article.

LinkedIn today retains a fairly large percentage of traffic from personal computers – 57%, while Facebook has reduced it to 2%. This difference is due to the fact that the resource is often used from the office. Such a traffic ratio suggests that the content that users post on a social network should be equally user-friendly on both mobile and desktop devices.


Promotion of a company through LinkedIn must be comprehensive, which is why modern marketing agencies use 3 main tools.

Content Marketing

The feature of promoting with the help of content on LinkedIn meets a number of difficulties, which, nevertheless, can be dealt with. The social network has a limit on the number of characters (1300) in publications and on video timing (2 minutes). The format assumes the genre of short notes or small reports, since serious analytical work cannot be accommodated in such a number of characters. It is rather difficult to maintain a page in such a way all the time, since the limit of ideas is quickly generated and users feel that the publication was made for the sake of publication and does not touch on some important topics. There is a way out: to split large materials into small posts like the series and combine them with hashtags so as not to lose episodes.

In addition, there is cross-posting – sending one message to all accounts in order to organically fill the feed.

LinkedIn does not block links to external sites, so you can create content specifically for your LinkedIn audience, but publish it on third-party sites. When posting on a profile, you need to pay attention to the preview and motivate the audience why it is worth following the link. Articles of the “success story” format and analyzes of various cases are especially popular.

You can collect digests from small news and create mailings. The promotion method is great for starting an account upgrade when the audience is not very large, because everything will have to be done by hand. LinkedIn officially prohibits the use of newsletter automation tools (the function has been privatized, only the social network itself can do mailings), but they exist. True, they do not always work correctly, plus there is always a chance of getting banned.

Should I buy LinkedIn connections?

Another important aspect in promoting content on the site is language. If a company is going to enter a foreign market and wants to talk about its products and services, then in addition to analyzing competitors, you need to understand how to write.

Again, one may wonder considering buying LinkedIn followers – how it is worth for your business growth?

Thematically, content marketing on LinkedIn should pursue the goal of professional confirmation of the company’s status, form an expert image and respond to the current business agenda. For everything else, there is Facebook.

Targeted advertising

There is a pattern in LinkedIn targeting that the more specific the audience, the higher the conversion. Conversion rates are identical to other marketing channels: 0.5-5%. There are exceptions as well, and ads shoot up to 15%