The intelligent investor

If you want to empathize with the thoughts and success of the richest people on Forbes lists, here’s what your favorite billionaires recommend.

1.The intelligent investor PDF, audiobook available

This is the famous investment book by Benjamin Graham, who was an advisor to Warren Buffet. In this book, you’ll learn a lot about the investment you can make to acquire other new businesses and even manage your stocks.

2. Zero to one

Zero to One is a book by Peter Thiel himself and the only thing he has ever written about on Twitter. This is also highly recommended by many other entrepreneurs and investors in this space. For this reason, the book ranks second on the list of billionaires ’favorite books that every entrepreneur should read.

Inside, you’ll learn a lot about Peter’s own journey and startups around PayPal, as well as his opposite approach to successful venture capital investing.

To see what he’s currently investing in, check out this case study of Brex and Henrique Dubugras and how the 22-year-old owner once made $ 1.1 billion.

Also remember that if you raise funds, the story is everything. To win the deck, take a look at the site deck template created by Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel (see Here) where the most important slides are highlighted. In addition, I also commented on Uber’s competitor’s square deck, which raised more than $ 400 million (see here).

If you want a more robust site deck template, you can use the free one created below, which thousands of entrepreneurs have already used to raise millions.

3. Business adventures

It’s one of the billionaire’s favorite books that every entrepreneur should read because Bill Gates called it one of his favorites. He originally borrowed a copy from Warren Buffet. This is a collection of in-depth articles exploring Wall Street and iconic commercial brands.

4. Sam Walton: Made in America

This classic is Sam Walton’s own story about the creation of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart. A company that continues to grow and thrive in good and difficult economic times continues to pass on the billionaire’s legacy to its heirs. Take a look at his thoughts and come across the rules of Wall Street and Main Street and another favorite billionaire book that every entrepreneur should read

5. Direct from Dell

The story of Michael Dello himself is from childhood adventures to overcoming business obstacles and building one of the most enduring and significant IT brands as soon as you start at $ 1,000.

6. The Virgin Way: If It’s Not Fun, It’s Not Worth Doing

Richard Branson’s life and leadership tips on how to build an amazing business and have fun doing it. Probably the most enchanting entrepreneur of all time, Sir Richard Branson truly embodies the bold entrepreneurship and successful lifestyle pursued by many of the founders of the new startups.

After graduating from school at the age of 16, he took on the largest companies and industries on the planet and beyond, not to mention owning one of the most famous private Caribbean islands.

7. The Fountainhead

Ayn Rand’s book, which Mark Cuban considers essential reading for any entrepreneur. Great book so you don’t have to think “who will leave me?” To “who will stop me”? ”

8. The Effective Executive

A book by the famous Peter Drucker recommended by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Given that Bezos is now considered the richest man on the planet, he is arguably the favorite among billionaires that every entrepreneur should read.

In fact, it is one of three must-have books for Bezos All Day book club executives. Inside, you’ll find principles for decision-making, group goal-setting, time management, and productivity.

It should be noted that Jeff Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post and Business Insider. Like Michael Bloomberg, he has Bloomberg News. When you reach the top, it’s worth thinking not only about how to get into and stay in the media, but also how to make it your own.

9. The Art of Startup Fundraising

Z Zappo’s disgraceful spokesperson Tony Hsieh is one of many high-ranking businessmen and professors who have written a horrific review of the book Startup Fundraising. Considered one of the best business books and perhaps the only best beginner’s fundraising guide. Complete strategy and tactics to reach the millions of people you want to replenish your rocket from scratch.

The interesting fact you might not know about Tony is that despite his net worth of only $ 1 billion, he chooses to live in the Vegas Airstream trailer park for less than $ 1,000 a month.

10. Think and Grow Rich

Shark Tank player Daymond John, like many other successful entrepreneurs, considers this classic Napoleon Hill book to be a real life change. If you haven’t read it yet, but it’s high on your to-do list. It can completely change your life trajectory and what you can achieve.


Successful entrepreneurs read. Billionaires seem to read more than anyone. There must be a connection. For this reason, this list of favorite billionaire books that every entrepreneur should read should be a must-have for any founder looking to start and grow a business.

In fact, this can be one of the most important keys to success. If you don’t have them already, put those books on your shelf and start ripping them up right away. You can still grab audio versions if you click in time.