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  • Concrete, well-researched publications on digital marketing or related industry
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  • We accept original content only: no rewriting, no plagiarism.

BingBooks are happy to invite Digital Marketing professionals, practitioners and industry experts to share their experience with our readers.

We are receiving quite a few guest posts, but read diligently all the incoming contribution. This obviously takes time, so we kindly insist on reading our guidelines before reaching out.

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Topics for Guest Posting

We are Digital Marketing hub and therefore accept everything related to the following topics :

Educational content on Digital Marketing: we appreciate experts in digital marketing to share insights, how-to articles, tips or other content to educate our audience.

Personal view: BingBooks can become your platform for conducting your own expertise and opinion. Please ensure your thought are accompanied with facts.


Please check up your content to be aligned with the following requirements. It’s important to do this before sending us your article, otherwise the further emails could be ignored.

  • Firstly, grammatical and language perfectionism is obligatory Check it via Grammarly, for instance..
  • Your article must be informativeengaging, and give insights.
  • Be confident, helpful, expert, and reliable. 
  • The content should be well-structured with H2-H3 hedalines, subheadingsillustrative pictures and lists.
  • Include a 1-2 sentence abstract of your article for announcement.
  • We encourage you to use H2H (human-to-human) tone of voice instead of B2B or B2H (a depersonalised company speaking to readers).
  • Optimal volume is 500-1500 words. Your guest post might be rather short, but valuable and full of helpful information.
  • Check your content to be unique and not to violate DMCA copywright.
  • If used, provide the source of external statements, numbers, stats, images, and quotes used in the article.
  • The text you share must not published elsewhere before: we check it via several tools and will reject the article otherwise.

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  2. We review each pitch and get back to you if the article looks attractive for our website.
  3. Most probably we will make minor amendments to the post or its title.

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